5 Best Ways On How To Tie Curtains In A Knot: Step-By-Step Guide!

How to tie curtains in a knot? Read through this article to know the steps in securing a basic knot with your curtain.

There are so many ways to open the curtain, but I know some may get bored of seeing a curtain shoved open.

If you are tired of that dull look, you can always find ways to make the curtains look fancy or lively, even with simple gestures.

One way is to tie a knot using the curtain. It achieves a fancy and elegant look.

Your visitors will surely love to look through your window having this fancy design.


Ways To Tie Curtains In A Knot

I wanted to find a way to decorate my curtain without using tiebacks, so I found this method, and it taught me how to do it.

So, how to tie curtains in a knot? There are many types of knots, and here is a step-by-step guide on how to make them:


Making A Basic Knot

Let’s start with the simplest knot, which is the basic knot.


Step #1. Tie in bunch

Bring the curtain in a bunch to make a column.

You can remove tiebacks or strings and cords attached to the curtain.


Step #2. Loop

Gran a thin portion of the curtain and loop it in a counter-clockwise motion.

Loop it around the outer part of the column.


Step #3. Wrap

Wrap the thin portion to the rest of the column from the front to back and back to front.

Take the loose bottom and loop it along the wrapped section of the curtain. Make sure that you wrapped it tightly to ensure the knot is sturdy.


Using Drapery Ties

You can also use curtain ties or drapery chords.

It is one of the simplest solutions to keep curtains open.


Step #1. Know left and right

Bring curtain into a bunch and wrap the tie around.

Grab both ends of the tie and loop the right end.


Step #2. Making a bow

After looping the right end, wrap the other end to the looped right four times and loop it to its coils.

It would help if you had a ribbon by now.

Tie it on the curtain, and you’ll have a ribbon cord curtain tie.


Tying The Curtain

If you don’t want to use curtain ties, there still are some ways to tie the curtain. Some of which are the following.


Step #1. Curtain knot

This one is just like tying the curtain itself.

To do this, bring the curtain to a bunch from the middle to its end, tie the curtain up.

It is like tying a string but with the curtain.

Do not tie it too tight, for it may not become undone and may put some wrinkles to the fabric.


Step #2. A semi knot

A semi-knot is just like the curtain knot. The difference is that it is only partial.

To make this, make sure to grab the center of the curtain.

With your hand, form a loop and pull the center of the curtain through your hand.

It would help if you had at least a foot of fabric at hand.

Use this foot of fabric and loop it into a knot.

Tie it tight enough not to come undone on its own.

Do not tie it too tight with that in mind, as it will overly crumple your curtain when closing.


Swag Curtain

If you don’t want to use ties and don’t want to get your curtain crumpled, hanging a curtain is the best way.

Having a long curtain that reaches the floor is an advantage.

All you have to do is hang the curtain’s end with the rod where it is attached.


Step #1. Arrange curtain

Arrange the curtain to ensure the width of the curtain is fixed for a better appearance.

If the curtain has wrinkles, make sure to iron them to ensure that the curtain will drop when hanged.


Step #2. Fold

Fold the curtain in half and insert a safety pin to know where the middle part is.


Step #3. Hang

Match the safety pin with the rod so that the curtains are at the same levels.

Lay the curtains and let the curtain hang down from the rod.


A Knot In A Shear

Shears are sometimes used to tie curtains.

It is a thin fabric curtain that is made from transparent and light fabric.

Sheer curtains are sometimes used as privacy curtains.

Since it is thin, the wind will easily blow it, so you’ll have to tie it.

Here’s how:


Step #1. Gather the curtains in a bunch

You have to collect the curtains in a bunch.

Then, find the center and fold it evenly using your left hand.


Step #2. Hold it

Bring the bottom half across your left hand, which is holding the curtain using your right hand.


Step #3. Tie it

Tie it up into a knot, just like tying a rope.

Pull the bottom fabric through so that it won’t get untied on its own.

Do not tie it tightly. That is to avoid the curtain getting crumpled.



Knowing how to tie curtains in a knot will save you more than you think.

You could always make a tieback or purchase one online.

There are many DIY tiebacks instruction online, so you can also check them out.

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Regardless, that is all.