How To Thread A White Rotary Sewing Machine: 2 Steps

We simplified it into two steps if you want to know how to thread a White Rotary sewing machine. You will learn everything from threading with the upper thread to bringing up the lower thread. We’ll also discuss other White models and how to set them up.

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how to thread a white rotary sewing machine


How Do You Thread A White Sewing Machine?


Step 1. Set the upper thread

  • Put the thread spool on its pin
  • Have the thread over the check spring and under the parts indicated in the diagram of the White Rotary manual
  • Guide the thread up and through the spring eye and into the notch
  • Have the thread into the take-up lever and through the slot at the end of the needle bar
  • Thread through the needle eye left to right
  • Leave at least three inches of thread

Step 2. Draw the lower thread up

  • Raise the presser foot
  • Hold the thread end and turn the handwheel to draw the lower thread up through the needle hole
  • Have both threads under the presser foot

How to wind the bobbin on a White Rotary sewing machine

  1. Place the thread spool on its pin
  2. Guide the thread through the hole on the cover plate and front hole indicated in the manual
  3. Have the thread end through the bobbin hole inside out
  4. Put the bobbin on its winding spindle 
  5. Loosen the thumbscrew in the handwheel and run the machine to start winding
  6. Cut off the thread and finish winding

How to thread the bobbin case tension on a White Rotary sewing machine

  1. Put the bobbin in its case but check the direction of the thread 
  2. Guide the thread through the slot and hole indicated in the manual
  3. Draw the thread under the designated slot and under the tension spring


How To Thread An Old White Sewing Machine

The following instructions are for White 1505 and 1510 models:


  1. Raise the presser foot lifter and take-up lever
  2. Thread the guides according to the diagram in the White sewing machine manual
  3.  Have the thread through the designated guide and into the tension disk
  4. Hook the thread under the guide and thread the machine’s take-up lever
  5. Pass the thread through the guide in the correct sequence indicated in the manual until you reach the needle eye
  6. Leave around 6 inches of the thread end

How to wind the bobbin on an old White sewing machine

  1. Raise the needle to the highest position
  2. Open the shuttle cover and bobbin case latch to remove it
  3. Close the latch to take out the bobbin
  4. Place the spool pin on the unit’s top cover
  5. Place the spool on the pin, and draw the thread through the guide and pre-tension device in the correct sequence
  6. Wind the thread around the bobbin
  7. Place the bobbin on its spindle
  8. Unscrew the top motion knob to disengage the handwheel
  9. Push the bobbin to the right and wind the bobbin by pressing the foot control
  10. Push the bobbin to the left after the machine finishes winding 
  11. Remove the bobbin from the spindle and cut the thread
  12. Rescrew the stop motion knob  

How To Thread A White Sewing Machine Model 1866

  1. Place the thread pool on its pin and secure everything with the spool cap
  2. Have the thread under the take-up and toward the thread guide on the left side of the sewing machine
  3. Pass the thread to the tension plate’s left side and back to the top of the take-up
  4. Raise the needle to the highest position and pass the thread through the hook and back towards the needle
  5. Thread the needle front to back and pull it towards the back of the machine
  6. Leave around 5 inches of thread end and hold it
  7. Lower the needle so it will grab the bobbin thread 
  8. Raise the needle so that it successfully lift the bobbin thread and pull it towards the back for around 5 inches

How To Thread A Bobbin On A White Sewing Machine

  1. Insert the filled bobbin into the case but check if the thread goes around the bobbin clockwise
  2. Pull the thread into the side of the case and through the tension spring 
  3. Continue pulling to have at least 5 inches of thread
  4. Raise the needle as much as possible
  5. Insert the bobbin case into its compartment securely
  6. Close the compartment and hold the top thread as you turn the handwheel to bring up the lower thread
  7. Pull both threads towards the back of the sewing machine

If you own a Brother model, here is how to thread a bobbin on a Brother sewing machine as well. 

What Is A White Rotary Sewing Machine?

The White Rotary or White Family Rotary is a sewing machine made by White Sewing Machine Company. It is their first model that uses a rotary hook bobbin driver, and it is even among the most popular machines from the brand.


And that’s it! To recap how to thread a White Rotary sewing machine, you’ll start with the upper thread and follow the sequence for the guides found in the machine’s manual. You must see the threading diagram because it indicates where the thread must go. 

We hope this was a helpful read. Leave us a question if you have any. 

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