How To Take Apart LG Portable Air Conditioner? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you planning to disassemble your LG aircon, but you don’t know how to take apart LG portable air conditioner? Don’t worry because we prepared about five semi-challenging steps for you, including cleaning your AC unit!

We mostly encounter tutorials on cleaning the filter and the front part of the portable air conditioner. But it’s rare to find guides like this.

how to take apart LG portable air conditioner

When your portable AC unit is not cool enough or gives enough air, there may be problems with the electrical components at the back part. And when that situation occurs to you, it would be tricky to figure out what to do without any guidance.

So, this article will help you out.

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Steps To Take Apart LG Portable Air Conditioner

The procedure will not only include taking apart the filters and front panels. But we will also incorporate measures for the back part of the unit. And how to clean the condenser coils at the back.

The filter operates similarly to the majority of the components of an air conditioner. As a result, expect your air conditioner to be filthy and full of dust balls.

Without further ado, here are the steps on how to take apart LG portable air conditioner.


Step #1. Detach all outer accessories

Before cleaning and disassembling your portable air conditioner, you have to turn it off and unplug it from the main outlet.

This step would prevent any electrical accidents when you’re dealing with the inner parts later on.

Next, you have to detach the exhaust hose and other cables.


Step #2. Remove the front panel

The front panels of some portable air conditioners are held in place by screws. Don’t forget to remember where the screws go, and they should be complete. But most of them can just be snapped open to reveal the filters.


Step #3. Set aside the filter

You can easily remove the filter through the handle. Some portable air conditioners feature several filters, which are generally kept separate.

If you can observe two portions of the front panel that releases cool air, then there should be it. After you’ve removed the filter, the front view of the condenser is now visible.


Step #4. Unscrew the back panel

If you only take apart the back panel, it would be hard detaching it from the front panel. However, since we’ve removed the front panel first, it would be easy-peasy.

You couldn’t snap out the back cover since they are mainly secured using screws.

If you’re having trouble removing the lid, you may have overlooked a screw. So, double-check sides and corners. But if you prefer only taking the back part, use a trim tool to separate it from the front panel without damaging both sides.


Step #5. Taking apart other components

When your concern is only to clean the condenser and filter, we suggest that you don’t disassemble other electrical components.

They are much complicated, and you should consult a professional before doing it all by yourself.

You could damage the parts if you remove them without any knowledge or experience.

Because there are so many cables and components, you wouldn’t be able to remember all of them.


Steps In Cleaning Your Portable AC Unit

You now have a full view of the opposite sides of your condenser. It will be very dusty because you rarely clean the back part, but we can fix that.


Step #1. Soak the filter(s)

Fill your large container, tub, or sink with soapy water or with a water-detergent mixture. Soak your filter/s for a couple of minutes and let the water penetrate the screen.


Step #2. Vacuum

If this is your first time cleaning the condenser, you should observe much dust in the coils. It would be best not to panic since a vacuum can easily remove them in low power mode. And you can also attach any brush attachments to the nozzle if you have one.

Vacuum through the front and back of the condenser. Make sure there isn’t any apparent dirt remaining.

You can also use this equipment in sucking off all the dirt in the corners of your AC unit. So, feel free to remove the dust from the inner components that the nozzle can reach.


Step #3. Drain

There will be water on the bottom back part of your unit. You can use a vacuum to remove it, but you should check first if your equipment is applicable for substances.

If not, you can remove the drain plug found on the back part of your aircon. And the water will continuously flow but make sure to do this outside or somewhere with a floor drain since there might be a lot of water on your system.


Step #4. Brush

Get a small brush or unused but clean toothbrush for this step. Then, fill a small container with soapy water.

Brush through the coils, following their parallel direction. Avoid bending the coils. Do this in the front and back parts of your condenser.


Step #5. Final touches

You can reassemble them all back together after cleaning, and they all have dried off.

Don’t forget to reattach your filter/s. After that, you can wipe the outer surface of your unit using a soft and clean cloth.



And that is how to take apart LG portable air conditioner.

We assure you that once you clean and reassemble your AC unit, it will improve air quality. And it won’t consume too much energy, so lower electrical bills! Consult a professional if needed.

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