How To Reset Air Conditioner After Power Outage? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you worried about yourself, “How to reset air conditioner after power outage?” Do not fret; this article will be answering that question.

After a blackout, you need to consider many things when resetting the air conditioner; you should take note of switching it off, resetting the breaker, waiting time, cooling the thermostat, and professional service.

How to reset air conditioner after power outage

Most importantly, this solution can save your appliance from an impending electrical problem that may cause the end of your device. Besides, appliances after a power outage might not work correctly if not fixed early.

That’s it. I need you to be careful every step of the way. So, without further ado, let’s get started by scrolling down below.


Steps To Reset Air Conditioner After Power Problem

This section will all be about “How to reset air conditioner after power outage?” Typically, appliances need to be reset after a power problem.

Here are five steps that you can in resetting your air conditioner after a power outage.


Step #1. Switching it off

After the power outage, you need to switch your air conditioner thermostat off. Through this, your air conditioner will be not accepting power from electricity.

Some thermostats are replaceable by batteries, so you should also reset the battery pack if possible.


Step #2. Resetting the breaker

A trip on your circuit can be dangerous. This problem is caused by a probable power surge from a weather disturbance.

A power surge can also destroy your air conditioner by overloading it with electricity. In addition, it will trip the circuit in the worst cases.

If so, resetting your air conditioner might help. You might have placed your circuit breaker in your garage, hallways, attic, basement, or local room of your home.

A circuit breaker can be found inside a tin box attached to your wall. If you have found it, locate the switch that is related to the air conditioning unit.

Switch it off by turning it to the right, and switch it back to its on position. Every home should have a circuit breaker to avoid fires and other mishaps inside.


Step #3. Waiting time

After resetting the circuit breaker, it needs time to rehabilitate its internal components after a power outage. If so, you will be waiting for about half an hour for the air conditioner to reset itself.

Also, you need to check if the air conditioner’s thermostat is turned off. This selection will allow the air conditioner to reset carefully.


Step #4. Turning it on

When you had already waited for about half an hour, it is now the time to turn on your air conditioning unit.

Switch the air conditioning thermostat on in its relaxed mode. This mode will allow your air conditioner to operate normally after the power outage.

Also, set it at least five units below the temperature of your home in cooling it effectively.


Step #5. Calling a professional

If all these steps do not work, it is advisable to call your nearest repairman to deal with it professionally.

A professional maintenance specialist can diagnose the problem thoroughly as they are licensed to this line of work. So, do not worry.


How To Protect My Home From Damages Brought By Power Outages?

I have here some ways that you can in protecting your appliances from damages brought by power outages.

Your appliances are an investment. It would help if you took care of it to serve you longer, and it will be worth your money.


Tip #1. Disconnecting your equipment

If you feel an incoming power surge, you can disconnect your appliance from the plug to protect them. It will be an excellent precautionary measure for you.


Tip #2. Go for surge protectors

If you have some time to choose protective measures for your appliance, it is good to buy some surge protectors.

These things are often combined into power strips and protect your appliance by diverting surging electricity to a ground wire.


Tip #3. Have some UPS

UPS, or uninterrupted power sources, are appliances that can supply power even after a power outage.

These are operated by batteries that can be placed beside delicate electronics like your computer.


Tip #4. Backup system

If you have a home with many delicate appliances, it is an excellent investment to buy a backup system.

Generators, and other alternative electrical sources, can be considered backup systems in time of a power surge.

The system will supply your home electricity through this investment even there is a total blackout in your area.

With this, you can readily turn off your appliances without damaging them from the sudden cut of electricity brought by the power outage. Indeed, power outages can hurt your appliances and shorten their lifespan.



Great! You already know how to reset air conditioner after power outage. You need to follow the five steps that I have shared above.

In resetting your AC, you need to switch off, resetting the breaker, waiting time, cooling the thermostat, and call professional service.

I hope this article answered your question. If you want to read more about air conditioners, go here.

Thank you very much for reading! Keep safe with your appliances.

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