How Much Water Should Drain From Air Conditioner? 4 Best Tips!

You have found the article that answers the question, “How much water should drain from air conditioner?” In drier climates, the air conditioner can release about five gal or 19 liters of water outside every day. For tropical settings, the AC can release 20 gal or 75 liters.

Well, you should be noticing that your AC is dripping water outside at your home. Do not worry; this is normal for air conditioners to work correctly.

how much water should drain from air conditioner

That’s it. It would help if you remembered those things. So, without any talking, scroll and enjoy reading the article.


How Much Water Should Drain From Your Air Conditioner?

Well, I know you are curious about how much water should drain from air conditioner.

It is the part of the air conditioning process that the unit itself is releasing water outside of your room. However, if the water leaks inside, the air conditioner itself has problems. You might be needing help in repairing it.

The water that is released from your AC is from the condensate drain line. Therefore, it is a vital part of the refrigeration process.

In-depth, when the room is getting cooled, the air conditioner receives the humidity inside. Then, this humid air will be condensed or transformed into water.

Although, this water that is extracted is trapped inside of your air conditioner. Thus, this transformed water is then redirected to the condensate drain line.

You can see this waste product is released outside of your AC unit. Through this vital part of your air conditioning unit, moisture build-up inside the appliance is avoided.

The moisture collected is harmful to the electrical components and the cooling mechanism done by the air conditioner. Usually, these condensate drain lines are produced with PVC or polyvinyl chloride plastic. Other air conditioning units have metal materials built with them.

This part of the AC is connected to your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units. Its primary purpose is to act as the route for the collected moisture outside the air conditioning unit.

So, don’t be surprised if there is water coming out outside of the air conditioning unit. It is part of the cooling process of your room.

Typically, about 5 gallons or 19 liters of water is released outside of the AC unit. This number is only applicable to homes in drier climates.

On the other hand, 20 gallons or 75 liters is released from the cooling process when the home is situated in tropical or humid climates.

If your air conditioning water behaves wrongly, you should call the nearest repairman to fix it. However, it might be a severe problem, so hurry up.


Where To Use The Released Water From My Air Conditioning Unit?

I know you want to save water, as it is scarce and bills can be painful for your pocket. Therefore, I have here some things that you can utilize the water from your AC.

You must be aware that you should collect the water dripping outside your air conditioning unit, as it can be safe for household use.

The perfect choice for collecting it would be a bucket or any water storage container available to your home. However, this water is not safe for humans, especially for drinking, so be safe.

This type of water is free from chlorinated compounds, salts, fluorides, and other chemicals that can be found in your tap water. Thus, the excess air conditioning water can be a perfect tool for cleaning your home and surrounding surfaces.

Now, I have some tips that you can use the water released from your AC.


Tip #1. Cleaning surfaces in your home

The collected residual water from your air conditioner is ideal for cleaning surfaces in your home.

With your trusted cleaner or soap, use the water to make a cleaning solution. This cleaning solution is best used for the windows and floors in your home.

Also, you can use the water that you had collected in cleaning backyard surfaces, sidewalks, and even your car.

Do not worry. This water is safe. Not for consumption!


Tip #2. Toilet magic

Yes, you can use this water to flush your toilets and unclogging them. You use several gallons each day in using your bathroom.

So, it is better to save water in flushing your deposits by using the condensate water from your AC.

You can also clean your bathroom using it.


Tip #3. Clothes

You can use this water to wash your clothes. Also, it is ideal for it to be put into your steam iron as this water is completely safe.


Tip #4. Bring it back to nature

This water is perfect for your green babies. So water them frequently, okay?



Great! You already know how much water should drain from air conditioner.

In drier climates, about five gallons or nineteen liters of water is released. For wetter climates, about twenty gallons or seventy-five liters is released.

Also, do not forget that you can reuse this water for your household cleaning purposes.

If you want to read more, do not hesitate to go here.

Thank you very much for reading! See you next time!

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