How To Reset Air Conditioner Thermostat? 3 Best Types!

Have you been uncomfortable with the humidity inside your home and wondered, “How to reset air conditioner thermostat?” To reset your AC thermostat, start by shutting down the AC unit.

Next, locate the circuit breaker box and reset the controls connected to your air conditioner. Lastly, turn on the AC thermostat, set your preferred temperature, and wait until the desired humidity inside your home has been reached.

How to reset air conditioner thermostat

This process, however, is only applicable to mechanical thermostats. Other types of thermostats, such as digital and low voltage, require different steps to reset, which we will discuss later.

Air conditioning units have been of great help in providing our families a clean and fresh atmosphere inside our homes. It reduces the warm temperature we feel, especially during hot days, and eases each individual’s comfort.

When setting up your AC unit, you need to adjust its settings to achieve your desired room temperature. However, when you have changed it to the maximum level, and your cooling system still did not cool your room, you might need to reset its thermostat.

This article will guide you in resetting your air conditioner’s thermostat. So, read on!


Ways To Reset Air Conditioner Thermostat

Thermostats control the entire air conditioning process wherein it allows the cooling system to adjust the atmosphere’s temperature at different time intervals. Despite its reliability features, the thermostat may act up at times.

If you have sensed that your AC unit has a problem when providing your home a cool temperature, you might need to reset your thermostat. However, several types of thermostats have different steps on how to reset.

With that, here are the three various types with ways on how to reset air conditioner thermostat.


Type #1. Digital thermostat

When resetting a digital thermostat, you have to turn it off first. Afterward, locate the batteries of your digital thermostat.

Once you have found the area where the batteries are placed, open the battery door and remove the batteries.

Then, insert them backward, with the opposing sides connecting to the positive terminal and vice versa, and let them in that position for five seconds.

If five seconds have passed, remove the batteries once again and return them to their usual position, with the corresponding sides connected to the appropriate terminals. With that, you have reset your digital thermostats. You may also turn it on to test if it has fixed your air conditioner’s issues.


Type #2. Low voltage thermostat

For a line voltage thermostat, you can reset it by cleaning the components and examining the different settings. This thermostat is called low voltage because a transformer reduces its voltage from a high to a lower one.

To start with, remove the thermostat’s cover first. As soon as you have seen the components inside the thermostat, clean them gently using a soft-bristled brush. Afterward, return the lid and set your thermostat to the lowest setting.

Repeat it once again, and instead of putting it in the lowest setting, adjust it to the highest level. Then, for the last time, clean the components and reset your thermostat to your preferred setting.


Type #3. Mechanical thermostat

Mechanical thermostats are used to manually adjust your air conditioning unit’s temperature, for they are not battery-operated. So, when this type of thermostat has a problem, it may require you to reset your circuit breaker.

To solve the issues of your mechanical thermostat, you may start with inspecting the components inside the thermostat and assure that these are in an appropriate and secure arrangement.

If everything seems fine and nothing causes your thermostat is experiencing, you have to reset the circuit breaker.

Begin by turning off your thermostat to avoid any unwanted injury while working on it. Next, locate the circuit breaker box that powers and controls the air conditioning unit inside your home. You may find it in your garage, utility room, or any low-traffic area.

Once you have found the circuit breaker, flip off the one that controls your AC unit and wait for 30 seconds. After half a minute, turn back the circuit breaker to on.

After resetting the circuit breaker, check your air conditioner thermostat and carefully turn it back on. Finally, set your desired temperature inside your home and wait for the atmosphere to cool.


Final Tips

And those are the steps on how to reset air conditioner thermostat with three various types. Remember that each type of thermostat has different steps to reset because of the differences in their components.

One factor that affects your air conditioner thermostat is the sudden power cut-off, which is why you have to check your circuit breaker for any issues.

If you still find it difficult to reset your air conditioner thermostat after several tries, you may need to contact some air conditioner experts to fix your cooling system’s issues.

Lastly, always remember to handle the resetting of your air conditioner thermostat to avoid getting any severe damages. Your safety will always be your priority. We hope that we have helped you through this article on how to reset your AC thermostat.

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