How To Style Twist Braids For A Wedding: 5 Looks

Those who want to know how to style twist braids for a wedding can consider five hairstyles. We will go through a vast selection of wedding hairstyles to suit different brides, weddings, and bridal gowns. 

Twist braids, like other braids, are fantastic for brides who want to embrace their natural hair on their wedding day. But if you prefer the look of box braids, we also wrote how to style box braids for a wedding

how to style twist braids for a wedding


How To Style Twist Braids For A Wedding: 5 Stunning Looks For Brides 


  • Half-up hairstyle

One of the most classic hairstyles for brides is the half-up, half-down. However, this look is also ideal for women with twist braids. 

If you already have chunky braids, you can also turn them into twist braids then gather the top section into a bun. Again, you have the freedom to style the strands, especially if your wedding has a particular theme. 

For example, the Boho bride can always look extra stylish with flowers in her hair. When twisting the braids, you can work flowers or leaves into them to suit the Bohemian wedding theme.


  • Updo hair

Some bridal wedding dresses will look more dashing with the bride’s hair gathered into an updo. And if you want to highlight the gown’s neckline or your necklace is too gorgeous not to showcase, then have your twist braids into a big updo. 

You don’t need to start a top knot, but instead, work each twist individually to have more variety with the strands. Then, when gathered, it will look more effortless, and you can even use the same color pin or elastic. 

But if you want a neat updo, there’s nothing wrong with a simple top knot. You can also arrange your baby hair in a style suitable for the look you’re going for. 


  • Braided bun

You can have your twist braids into a single bun at the top of your head or slightly lower. Another option is to part your hair in the middle and make two space buns.

Twist braid buns are perfect for the bride and other members of the wedding party who have twist braids. For example, you can have your bridesmaids in space buns while your maid of honor will wear her twist braids into a single top bun. 

Of course, you can add other hair accessories to make these hairstyles more festive for the wedding. For example, consider embellished pins or colorful elastics matching the wedding color scheme. 


  • Low braided twist

Some face shapes look better with their hair positioned lower or slightly above the neck instead of having a bun or twist at their crown. Consider putting your twist braids into a low braid if you think it will compliment you more. 

This style not only looks glamorous. A low braid twist is also relatively easy for brides who didn’t get a wedding hairstylist. 

You’ll coil the braid at your nape to do a classic low braid twist. Don’t forget to add a hair product to make the style neat or shiny as needed. 


  • Fishtail braid

Combine the classic fishtail braid and twist braid for your wedding day if you’re feeling extra creative. While this style might be a tad complicated to do, it should be easy once you get it. 

You can also use the fishtail for embellishments like stones, pearls, and flowers. Just make sure that everything will still feel comfortable when wearing the bridal veil.

You will weave fishtail plaits from two ponytails to do a twist fishtail braid. Then, twist these braids to create a bun to finish. 


How Do I Style My Wedding Braids?

Styling braids for the wedding can be overwhelming because of the numerous options. However, braids are excellent for taming if you have thick or natural hair that is just unruly. 

Consider twist braids, bow braids, or cornrows if you have thick and curly hair. On the other hand, Fishtail braids and French braids can create a voluminous look for brides who have thin hair. 

If you don’t want a very sleek look, you wear your hair into a waterfall braid or braided knots. Then, take out a few hair strands to frame your face for an effortless style. 

Classic hairstyles like updos and half-ups can also be enhanced with braids. Rather than leaving you down, you can style your wedding braids into these beloved bridal hairstyles. 

Furthermore, we recommend that you read how to wear my hair for my wedding to help you decide which hairstyle will complement your bridal look. 


How Do You Style Knotless Braids For A Wedding?

A wedding braid you can consider if you prefer a seamless look with flat roots is the knotless braid. Compared to regular box braids, knotless braids are more natural-looking, and you’re only using braided hair added to your natural hair. 

You can style knotless braids for a wedding by adding beads or rings. Another option if you want to keep your hair out of your face is to gather them into a bun at the top of your head. 



Aren’t these braided hairstyles gorgeous? To recap how to style twist braids for a wedding, consider five ways. 

They are the half-up, updo, bun, low braid, and fishtail braid. We hope you find what complements you best; let us know below which is your favorite!

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