How To Style Box Braids For A Wedding: 8 Best Ways

We found eight ways on how to style box braids for a wedding. We will discuss each hairstyle to know which is the most flattering for your face and wedding theme, whether you’re the bride herself or part of the bridal party. 

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how to style box braids for a wedding


Best Ways On How To Style Box Braids For A Wedding


French box braid

One of the best box braid hairstyles, especially for a bride is the French box braid. Your hairstylist will arrange the box braids into French braids from the name itself. 

Typically, the box braids will be made into two French braids and then combined at the back. The hair at the front is swept to the side for a more bridal look, and the hairstylist can add pins and flowers to embellish the hairdo. 


Box braids with donut bun

Another neat box braid hairstyle for a wedding is to have the braids tied into a donut bun. Again, it’s relatively easy to do yourself as you’re simply gathering the braid and then making a high donut bun.  

This is perfect for highlighting your face because all the hair is out of the face. You can also consider this hairstyle for the flower girls and other young kids at the wedding. 


Box braids with waterfall twist

For brides that prefer their hair down for their wedding, consider having the box braids parted in the middle and add a waterfall twist like a headband for the hair. This is especially suitable if you have chunky box braids to highlight them better. 

Leaving your box braids down and parted in the middle would look great with a ball gown or A-line wedding dress. The added waterfall twists on the side also make it look more bridal. 

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Wrapped box braids

Do you consider yourself an edgy bride? If so, ask your hairstylist to wrap the box braids into a mohawk. 

This hairstyle will also focus on your face, and the mohawk on the side adds some edginess and boldness to the overall look. If your wedding theme is Bohemian, this will also suit those detailed and fringed wedding dresses. 

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Box braids with bow knot

If your bridal party is also wearing box braids, consider styling their braids in a bow knot. Since the hair is gathered at the top, this is also a classy hairstyle for the mothers of the bride and groom. 

Having the braids in a bow knot will look best if you have three-strand box braids. Then after the ceremony, it should be easy to undo the knot so you’ll feel more casual at the reception. 


Box braids with high knot

A slightly similar high hairstyle to the previous one simply has the box braids in a knot. The box braids are twisted and positioned on top of the head, which can also be slightly sweeping on the side. 

You can consider this hairstyle for your bridesmaids as it is a half-up-half-down style that suits most face shapes. Just make sure that the braids are secured well with pins to keep them in place the whole day.   


Triangle box braids

As a wedding guest, it’s important to be modest and subtle with your overall look. And if you have box braids, you can consider partitioning them into triangles.

This adds some style to them, but you still won’t look too eye-catching to keep everybody’s focus on the bride. You can then tie them at the bottom or leave them down, depending on what looks best with your outfit. 


Box braids with beads

Do you have a lot of junior bridesmaids or children that are part of the procession? You can have their box braids with beads for a more fun look.  

Select bead colors that are included in your wedding palette. You can even have the children’s hair into cornrows on a side but leave the box braids at the back to highlight the beads more. 


Can You Keep Box Braids In For 3 Weeks?

After the wedding, you can keep your box braids for three weeks up to a month. This way, your hair can recover from the tension, and you can moisturize it well. 


Can I Wear Braids For My Wedding?

You can wear braids for the wedding; it’s even ideal because it secures the hair well. Your hairstylist can also easily add accessories like flowers and pearls to the braids to finish your look. 



Was this article helpful? We just learned how to style box braids for a wedding using eight looks. 

We hope you find one that will suit your wedding dress, or if you’re a guest or part of the bridal party, you get an idea of how to style your box braids elegantly. 

We hope you found the best box braid hairdo; leave us a question if you have any.  

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