How To Set Up A Futon Bed? 2 Best Methods!

How to set up a futon bed?

A futon bed is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can ever buy.

It is either a mattress, a frame, or a combination of both.

You can use it for several functions like as a sleeping bed and as a sofa.

It is also perfect for bedrooms with limited space.

Compared to regular-sized beds, futon beds don’t take up much space.

One reason many people prefer purchasing a futon bed is that it is inexpensive.

A quality futon bed can cost less than an equivalent sofa and bed combined.

Futon beds are also relatively simple to assemble, disassemble, and rearrange.

Assembly instructions vary depending upon the type of futon you purchased.

Let’s set up your futon bed by following the given steps in the next sections.


How To Set Up A Bifold Futon Bed

The futon frame where You can fold the mattress halfway is the most common type of futon bed.

Bifold futon beds are perfect for your daily conversion of a bed into a couch or sofa.

So, how to set up a futon bed?


Step #1. Identifying the parts

Before setting up, identify the futon parts while referring to the guide in the package.

Make sure you have all the parts before proceeding.

Typically, there will be two pieces of stretchers, a seat and back deck, and arms.

Check also for an Allen wrench, brackets, barrel nuts, dowels, cotter and clevis pins, screws, and slide rollers.


Step #2. Assembling the frame

Assemble the frame by attaching the stretchers and arms.

Align the holes in the arms and stretchers, then screw the two together.

For now, leave the screw a little loose.

Repeat until all the holes in the arms and stretchers are connected.


Step #3. Assembling the decks

Assemble the decks by lining their hinge points together.

Connect the front and back decks by inserting the clevis and cotter pins in the hinge points.

Fit the slide rollers in the back deck.

If your futon bed doesn’t have any, check the back deck if they are already attached.

Slide rollers are attached beforehand in some futon bed models.


Step #4. Attaching the decks

Attach your assembled deck to the frame.

Make sure that the rollers in the deck are placed on the grooves on the frame.

After putting your deck in place, tighten the screws on the stretchers using a screwdriver.


Step #5. Converting the futon

Ensure that your futon can convert by lifting the deck.

After doing so, it should convert into a sofa or couch.

If there are problems or difficulty in converting, check rollers in the grooves.

Loosen the screw and fit the rollers again; if they are not in place, tighten them again.

Finally, put your mattress on the flat deck of the futon.


How To Set Up A Trifold Futon Bed?

Trifold futon beds are another option for your small-spaced room.

Since you can fold it in thirds, this model is thinner compare to the bifold model.

Assembly and conversion are also a bit tricky compared to bifold futon beds.


Step #1. Identifying the parts

Refer to the assembly guide for the information on all the parts you’ll need.

Parts include similar items with the bifold model excerpt for an additional arm and a slat rack divided into three sections.


Step #2. Connecting the arms

Connect the arms to the stretcher.

Together, they are the frame of the futon.

Put screws on the holes in the arms, then line these with the corresponding holes on the stretcher.

Keep the screws loose for adjustments later.


Step #3. Connecting the slide rollers

If the slide rollers are not attached yet to the slats, connect them using clevis and cotter pins.

The rollers are commonly black or white, small, and circular.

When your slat is ready, please put it on the frame by guiding the rollers to the grooves of the arms.

It should be easy to fit the second set of rollers to the slats with loose screws on the arms.


Step #4. Securing all connections

Secure all connections by tightening all the screws connecting the arms and stretchers.

Then check if you can convert the futon easily.

Please do this by gently picking up the front of the slats then pushing it to the back of the futon.

If it can fold easily, turning the bed into a sofa, check once more lifting the end and pulling it out of the futon bed.

If there is some difficulty, it is more probably on the rollers.

Confirm that the slider rollers are on the grooves.

Make adjustments if necessary.

If there are no issues anymore, lay your mattress on the slats.


Connecting The Pieces Together

How to set up a futon bed?

Futon beds are versatile which can serve as your bed at night and couch in the morning.

Among the different models available, you will often encounter the bifold and trifold futon beds.

Aside from being affordable, futon beds are also easier to set up.

Just follow some simple steps to set up your futon bed successfully.

Thanks for reading this far!

‘Til next time!

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