What To Do With Old Futon Mattress. 3 Best Options

If you don’t know what to do with old futon mattress, you have three options. We will talk about each of them to help you find what’s the ideal action for your used futon. Can you still reuse or donate it, or does it need to be thrown away?

A futon mattress provides the ideal size for homes with limited space, and you can even use it as a couch. However, it will eventually need replacement, much like the other mattresses we use. Always take good care of your futon, but here is what you can do if it’s time to say goodbye: 

What To Do With Old Futon Mattress


What Can You Do With An Old Futon Mattress?


You don’t immediately have to throw away your used futon if it is still redeemable. Perhaps you just stained it, and the overall condition is still good. You can get it cleaned and make a few calls to the nearby shelters in your area. 

Some organizations might even pick up the mattress at your home. However, please consider the overall state of the futon before offering it up for donation. If you think no one can use it, perhaps you should recycle or dispose of it. 



A futon uses several materials like springs and wooden slats, so you might consider if you can reuse some of them. Maybe you can reuse the stuffing, cover, or frame in your house or even create a pet bed out of the mattress. If you run out of ideas, perhaps there is a recycling center close to you that will accept it. 

Try to call the solid waste management department in your city or municipality to know if they have schedules for picking up used mattresses. Most states have recycling centers that will accept futons and their frames.



If both options earlier are still impossible, then you have no choice but to dispose of your old futon mattress. It would be a better idea to do so if it’s heavily deformed for donation or none of its parts are reusable. You can start by asking the furniture store where you bought it if they can remove the old futon when they bring in a replacement you just bought. 

Otherwise, you have to check the mattress disposal guidelines in your municipality. For example, you have to set a schedule for pick-up in New York, and you can only leave a mattress outside for a specific timeslot. Be mindful of your state regulations to avoid fines and complaints. 


How Long Should You Keep A Futon Mattress?

To help you better decide what to do with old futon mattress, you should know more about its expected lifespan. An average range for a futon to last is between five to ten years, depending on the product’s quality, materials, and how you use and care for it. So if you notice that your bed has been aging, it’s a reliable signal to try the three options discussed above. 

While it’s inevitable for a futon to require a replacement, caring for it diligently will keep it in good condition. This way, you’re more likely to have more uses for it rather than just disposing of a severely damaged mattress. Perhaps you can even get it cleaned and sanitized for selling.


How to care for and maintain your futon to help it last longer

So how do you maintain a futon mattress? Check the label for instructions and know what products and practices are incompatible with your model’s materials. Some safe things you can do include ventilating it once or twice a year, letting the sun freshen, dry, and disinfecting the futon. 

The heat will also restore the natural fibers to their original form because moisture tends to flatten and harden a futon. You also want to create a rotating schedule, so the pressure and wear are equal on the mattress and prevent premature sagging. Finally, always wax the roller canal and check the bolts on the frame to keep it supportive. 


Can Bed Bugs Live In Futons?

Much like all mattresses, futons are also at risk for bed bug infestation. Think of how a futon is constructed, especially its frame. It offers multiple hiding spots for bed bugs, making it harder to notice and address the issue as soon as possible. 

Inspect your futon mattress regularly and make it a habit to remove its cover now and then to aerate the bed. You also want to wash the bedding regularly and never bring any items from other places to your room upon arrival. You can also disinfect with alcohol and vacuum the futon as a part of your cleaning routine to prevent bed bugs. 

Do note that if bed bugs infest your mattress, you’ll usually need to follow more rules when throwing it out. You don’t want to accidentally have these bugs spread throughout your house when you carry the wrapped futon from the room. 



Even our beloved multi-tasking futon will eventually reach its retirement. Do you know what to do with old futon mattress when this happens? You can consider donating it to nearby shelters and organizations if the bed’s overall condition is still good. 

However, you can also deconstruct it and reuse the parts. The last thing you can do is have it recycled or disposed of by your waste management department. Just be mindful of the laws in your municipality to avoid penalties.