How To Fix A Sagging Bed? 6 Best Methods!

If your bed is not as comfortable anymore, you should know how to fix a sagging bed.

Unfortunately, a lot of mattress owners complain about sagging.

No matter what kind of mattress you have, it will eventually sag sooner or later.

This will affect the comfort and feel of your bed.

Fortunately, you can do some things to minimize its effects.


Reasons Why Mattress Sag

Generally, sagging is a result of the wear and tear of the mattress.

The materials used for the mattress will become softer over time.

That is because it is exposed to pressure from the body of the sleeper every night of use.

This will lead to sagging, thereby providing you with lesser support.

Typically, sagging occurs in particular areas where you put the most amount of pressure including the areas supporting the shoulders and hips.

If the mattress is sagging, it will not be able to provide even support.

With that being said, it will reduce your sleep quality and comfort.


6 Methods To Fix A Sagging Bed

When to comes to a saggy mattress, you cannot fix it quickly, but you can do many things to solve the issue.

So, how to fix a sagging bed?


Method #1. Flipping the mattress

This particular solution is ideal for a memory foam mattress that is double-sided.

If your pad is like this, then you can try flipping it upside down.

Doing this, you can change the position of the mattress with the sagging area facing downwards.

The idea behind this is that you will apply pressure on the other side once you flip the mattress.

In other words, you will be able to even out the mattress.

Once the mattress begins to become saggy once again, repeat the process and use the other side.


Method #2. Using a mattress topper

Using a high-quality mattress topper properly can solve your problem with a saggy mattress.

Most often than not, a mattress topper is placed above the mattress to protect it. This is also done for added comfort.

Mattress toppers are made of various materials. They also come in custom thicknesses and sizes.

Make sure to select a topper that is thick enough and ensure that it matches the bed size.

Then, top it over the mattress.

Doing so will even out any bumps, sags, and indents in the mattress.

As a result, your sleep quality will be improved.

Above all else, you can use this regularly so that you will prevent additional sagging.

But if the topper deteriorates, replace it with another one.

In essence, it is more affordable to buy new mattress toppers than buying a new mattress so that you will save money in the long run.


Method #3. Rotating the bed

There are some instances where you cannot remove the mattress from the bed, so you won’t flip it and use the other side.

But do not worry because you can still fix it by rotating the bed.

In such a case, you will be sleeping on the other side of the mattress.

Basically, you focus the pressure on the other side so that the saggy area will be even out.

It would help if you waited for some time before the mattress can be restored to its original state.


Method #4. Putting a pillow underneath your mattress

You can try putting a tiny pillow between the bed frame and the mattress to change the pressure levels.

Of course, this will not instantly fix your saggy mattress but this is a simple and easy way to go.

If you think that one small and soft pillow is not sufficient, try combining blankets and pillows.

Providing your mattress with more support would be better.


Method #5. Inspecting the bed frame or box spring

Sometimes the reason behind a saggy mattress is the bed frame.

Detach your mattress from your bed and inspect its frame.

If there are bents or any other damages, then you have to do something about it first before you proceed with the mattress.

But if you don’t find anything wrong with your bed frame, then the issue is on your mattress.


Method #6. Using a plywood

In some cases, the mattress might require extra support for it not to sag, and you can use plywood for this.

All you have to do is place the plywood in between the bed frame and the mattress.

Your mattress will rest onto the plywood so that it might return to its original state after some time.

But you have to take note as early as now that the mattress will feel a bit hard at first, but you will get used to it later.

You might as well use a mattress topper to soften the mattress. In essence, the mattress will be in between the plywood and topper.

Hopefully, the two can help in making the mattress return to its normal state.


It’s A Wrap!

Comfort is important when sleeping, which is why you need to know how to fix a sagging bed.

Hopefully, the above methods help solve your problem.

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