How To Put A Throw On A Sofa Like A Pro: 2 Ways

Those who don’t know how to put a throw on a sofa can consider two styles. You can either fold the throw blanket or drape it on the couch. However, there are other tips applicable to these styles. 

Let us teach you different ways to fold and drape a throw on the sofa. You can also read this guide on how to mix and match pillows on a couch so that you can dress it to your heart’s content. And if you’re not familiar with decorative blankets, here’s a definitive guide on throw blankets.


How To Style A Throw On A Sofa


Option 1: Folded 

The most common way to put a throw blanket on a couch is by folding it. You don’t need to follow specific rules, but you can either fold it in half, thirds, or quarters, depending on your desired style or how big the blanket is. By folding the throw blanket lengthwise or even widthwise, you can keep it from dangling on the floor or becoming an interruption to someone sitting on the sofa. 

Another way to style a folded throw is by making it look folded effortlessly. You don’t need to be specific in measurements because some materials like knitted blankets look better a bit rumpled. You can also place the folded blanket on the arm of the couch instead of its body. 


Option 2: Draped

The second way to position a throw on a sofa is by draping it. Let the blanket cascade on one side to create a relaxing effect. You can even combine the blanket with throw pillows to keep it in place or leave the blanket lying horizontally on the couch. 

Drape the throw either on the sofa’s arm, back or even in one corner, depending on where it will look best. You can also fold the throw then drape it to lessen the bulk and make it look less cluttered. Additionally, remember that draped and unfolded styles are best for thick blankets, while thinner and lightweight blankets will look fantastic folded. 


How Do You Dress A Sofa?

Putting a throw is not the only way to dress up a sofa. Start by knowing how to choose a sofa color and what other items or combinations you can use to make the couch look better. The key is understanding textures, colors, and patterns and how they will look when combined. 

We have talked about the best ways to style a throw on a sofa, and you will read later how to use throw pillows and cushions to dress up the couch. Here are some other ways that you might not yet know to upgrade the look of your sofa:


Paint the couch

You can dress up the sofa by painting it with upholstery paint. The ultimate makeover you can make is decorating it according to the existing palette and patterns of the living room. You don’t even need to be a skilled artist because even a fresh coat of solid color can change the whole vibe of your furniture. 


Upgrade the arms and legs

Besides the sofa’s body, you can cover the arms with your desired fabric. This change is more subtle than painting the whole couch, but it’s enough to upgrade its look. You can even switch out the sofa legs with something higher, lower, or different material for an instant touch-up. 

Here is how to remove sofa legs at home. 


Where Do You Put Throw Pillows On A Couch?

Throw blankets are not the only accessories that you can “throw” on the sofa to dress up. It’s even more common to use decorative pillows. Nowadays, throw pillows are not only for decorating the couch, but they are also something to use for support or lounging. 

You can place throw pillows on one side, distribute them evenly on each corner, or even align them throughout the sofa. Their placement will then depend on the textures, patterns, and colors or want a single pillow to be the focal point. Some people also stack throw pillows on the couch like how you would decorate a bed. 


How Do You Style Sofa Cushions?

The sofa cushions are perhaps the most influential part of how a sofa is styled. Be sure to know if you must get something plain, patterned, or mix the cushions to create a different impact. In some cases, you might need to fix the sofa cushions if they are sagging because they are both displeasing to the eyes and uncomfortable. 

Some common sofa cushion arrangements include having them balanced, in pair, multi-layered, and separate. You can study different pro-approved combinations, and then apply them to how you’ll decorate with sofa cushions. Be mindful of the best methods for mixing interior decors



Dressing up the sofa is not as hard as it seems. In this article, you have learned how to put a throw on a sofa like a pro! You can either fold or drape the blanket to achieve the impact you want. Furthermore, remember our tips for using pillows, cushions, and other ways to upgrade your sofa’s look. 

You can always take inspiration from magazines or even the interior decor of your favorite celebrity! Just remember to keep your existing room in mind so the couch won’t look out of place.