What Is A Throw Pillow? Learn More About It Here

If you’re not sure what is a throw pillow, it’s merely a decorative pillow that you can add to the bed or couch. However, it’s also common nowadays to use throw pillows to lay on or use as a cushion. Furthermore, some bed pillows like bolsters are even considered throw pillows since throw pillows don’t have a definite shape, size, or design.

It’s useful to familiarize yourself with throw pillows because they can instantly improve your space’s look. They can even make the area feel and look cozier. Learn more about these fluffy decorative pieces here. 

What Is A Throw Pillow


Everything You Need To Know About Throw Pillows


What is a throw pillow?

A throw pillow is a small and decorative pillow that uses various textiles. You can use throw pillows to accentuate your bedroom or even your couch and make them look homey and cozy. Because they come in different colors and patterns, you can easily match your throw pillows with the room’s theme. 

The great thing with having throw pillows is you don’t have to get a similar style or color with the rest of the room or bedsheets. If you want to try a design, you can start with adding throw pillows in the area. If not, consider getting a pillow sham, which is basically a decorative pillow cover for easy switching without the big commitment. 


What is the history of throw pillows?

One can consider throw pillows as a luxury, especially during the early times. The earliest record for the usage of throw pillows is during Mesopotamia. Only the wealthiest have these pillows that owning them is a status symbol. 

As time passes, middle-class homes have acquired these pillows. It is also noted how pillows start to become useful for styling couches, chairs, and bedrooms and not just as cushions. This is true during Victorian Britain. 


How To Choose A Throw Pillow


Shape and size

The first consideration is the pillow’s shape and size. Remember that throw pillows vary in shape and size, so you want to get something that will look best and fit well in the bed or chair. Perhaps the most versatile one is square, but you can always use multiple throw pillows. 

You can find rectangular, square, box, round, and bolster-shaped throw pillows. As for the sizes, you want a pillow that won’t make the space look overwhelming. Styling throw pillows in different shapes and sizes can create unique looks but always aim for a proportionate finish. 

Additionally, remember that the throw pillow filler is also influential. The best-looking throw pillows look full and plump, so choose a stuffing that will hold its shape well. But if you want to use the throw pillow, aim for something comfortable and soft, like down. 


Color and design

When choosing your throw pillow’s color and design, imagine if the result will complement the theme you’re going for. Do you want something that stands out, or do you just wish the throw pillows to blend with the ongoing design and color? Patterns and textures are also great ways to accentuate the area, but be mindful not to end up with a messy-looking style. 

In addition to the pillows’ placements according to their sizes, the patterns and textures can affect the look you’re going for. A common way to play with textures is to layer contrasting pillows. This can mean placing something soft on a hard pillow and matte throw pillows over shiny ones. 



Finally, never overlook the details when you’re choosing a throw pillow. They can refer to the trim, piping, or even embellishments and accents. Like checking the overall pillow design, these details can add the final touches to the bed or couch. 

For example, a classic-looking throw pillow uses plain piping that adds depth to it. However, having trims like pom-poms and fringe are also gaining popularity, especially for spaces with a specific theme. And when it comes to selecting embellishments like buttons and sequins, consider if you want to eventually use the throw pillow as they can be uncomfortable to touch. 


How To Style Throw Pillows Like A Pro

While there are rules for styling throw pillows, you can always break the mold and place them using your own taste. You can remember the tips above for choosing a throw pillow and aim to have something unique but not confusing to look at. Don’t be afraid to go bold, but you want to have a definite style you’re going for, so the space doesn’t look overwhelming. 

Furthermore, you might want to consider the versatility of your throw pillows. While you can place these pillows on the couch to accentuate your living room, you might find yourself using the pillows while you’re watching TV. Therefore, the throw pillows should also feel nice and not just be visually appealing. 



Have you ever wondered about decorative pillows like throw pillows? What is a throw pillow? By definition, this pillow is meant for styling the couch or bedroom. 

Compared to the ones we use for sleeping, throw pillows come in various designs and fabrics to complement different themes. The use of these decorative pillows goes as far as Victorian Britain. However, if you don’t want to get separate decorative pillows, you can always cover your bed pillows with shams. 


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