How To Make Wedding Cake Toppers In 2 Easy Steps

If you want to know how to make wedding cake toppers, this tutorial is the easiest cake topper you can DIY, even if you’re not crafty. It only uses wire, fabric, paper, and glue, but the finished wedding cake topper suits most wedding themes. 

We will also provide different wedding cake topper suggestions you can easily make at home if you have imagined a particular design for your wedding cake. And besides knowing how to make a wedding cake topper, you may also be interested to learn how to decorate a wedding cake

how to make wedding cake toppers


How To Make Wedding Cake Toppers: Easiest DIY Wedding Cake Topper


Step 1. Make a loop for the main cake topper 

  • Take a piece of wire and cut about 16 inches from it
  • Bend the cut wire into a loop as this will be the shape of your cake topper, similar to an arch
  • Prepare a 6-inch wide cotton fabric and cut it twice the length of the cut wire for covering
  • Use a fabric color that complements the wedding cake or wedding theme
  • Apply glue on one end of the fabric strip and attach it to one end of the wire
  • Wrap the wire with the cotton fabric, then dab glue on end to secure it in place


Step 2. Decorate with paper strips

  • After covering the loop with fabric, you can hang anything you want from it to match the theme of the wedding cake
  • A simple decor is paper strips that you twirl
  • You can also prepare your initials, heart, love birds, newlywed silhouettes, or other bridal decors
  • Attach the trinkets on the wire loop with glue, but measure their strings so they won’t touch the surface of the wedding cake
  • Make sure the decors are secured so they won’t fall during the reception


What Can I Use For A Wedding Cake Topper?

Besides making a loop and hanging wedding symbols on it, there are different easy DIY cake toppers for a wedding cake. You can also create them with the help of your partner or wedding party as a bonding activity. 


Cupcake liners

  1. Spray paint the top of three sizes of cupcake liners
  2. Dab glue on the biggest liner, layer with the next size over it, and finish with the smallest cupcake liner on top
  3. Before the glue dries up, pinch the centers of the liners from the back for a few seconds to create a flower design
  4. Fluff up the flower cupcake liner and create several more for a cluster over the wedding cake


Pipe cleaners

  1. Bend a piece of pipe cleaner into a heart shape, but leave a tail 
  2. Cut a piece of straw and two pipe cleaners according to the length you want the cake topper to sit above the wedding cake
  3. Add two inches to the length of the straw and use this length for a wooden skewer that will go through the wedding cake
  4. Place two pipe cleaners inside the straw and slide the skewer behind them 
  5. Push the tail of the heart design pipe cleaner into the top of the straw and between the skewer and pipe cleaners, so the skewer is hidden
  6. Push down the DIY wedding cake topper over the cake


Cake pops

  1. Follow a basic cake pop recipe and cover with white chocolate or whatever color suits the color of your wedding cake 
  2. Decorate each ball with food decorator pen; it can be hearts, initials, or any wedding pattern
  3. Stick the decorated cake pops onto the wedding cake 



  1. Find a plastic disk with divots for flower stems
  2. Source edible flowers like roses, orchids, or begonias
  3. Push the disk onto the wedding cake
  4. Fill its holes with water and add the edible flowers accordingly


How Do You Make A Bride And Groom Cake Topper?

A classic cake topper is a bride and groom for most weddings, but it’s often bought in stores. However, do you know that you can make this wedding cake topper at home?

So how do you make a DIY wedding cake topper for a classic wedding cake for the bride and groom? You can use gum paste, polymer clay, or even fondant. 

Of course, the complexity will depend on the design. However, you can take inspiration from different styles of cake toppers online to select which you think is the easiest to make that matches your wedding cake. 


What Material Is Used For Cake Toppers?

A popular DIY wedding cake topper uses cricut. And for this, you will need card stock paper. 

However, it would be best if you familiarize yourself with using cricut. From here, it’s very easy to experiment with different designs for various wedding cake styles. 

You can also read what to write on wedding cake for additional inspiration. 


What Acrylic Do You Use For Cake Toppers?

You can use acrylic sheets with cricut to make a cake topper for a wedding cake. The ideal size is .020 because this thickness will work smoothly with the cricut maker. 



And that’s it! To recap how to make wedding cake toppers, the easiest tutorial is creating a wire loop and hanging trinkets on it. 

However, you can also use cupcake liners, pipe cleaners, cake pops, or flowers to make a DIY wedding cake topper. We hope you learned a lot; let us know below which is your favorite!

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