How Much Does Wedding Transportation Cost

If you’re interested to know how much does wedding transportation cost, you must compare different wedding transportation types. This guide will familiarize you with the average costs for shuttle, bus, van, limo, and trolley as transportation for the wedding. 

By the end of the read, you can quickly decide what fits your budget and which wedding transportation costs realistically for your needs and financial capacity. But if you are preparing the vehicle for the bride’s arrival, we have a separate guide on how to decorate a car for a wedding

how much does wedding transportation cost


How Much Does Wedding Transportation Cost: Budget Sample For Wedding Transportation Costs


Average cost for a shuttle service

If you’re having a destination wedding, you should consider knowing how much does a shuttle bus cost. Hotels typically offer a shuttle service to the wedding venue, and it’s ideal for couples having an intimate destination wedding. 

You can expect to pay around $50 for every round trip, making a hotel shuttle the cheapest wedding transportation. The only limitation is that it’s typically a small van or bus that can accommodate 15 passengers. 


Budget for a wedding bus

A cost-effective way to transport your guests, especially if you have an extensive guest list, is to book a bus. A coach bus has an average price range between $700 to over $1000, but you’ll get 6 or 8 hours when you rent one. 

You can transport up to 50 wedding guests, and it’s convenient to transport people from the venue to the reception even if the distance is significant. Alternatively, a cheaper bus to rent for wedding transportation is a school bus with prices around $500, but it can be lower based on location


Van wedding transportation costs

If a relative or friend is presenting themselves to drive your guests, why not source a car rental company? A passenger van won’t cost over $200, and it’s sizable enough to transport a large group of wedding guests. 

If no one can drive, it should be easy to find a driver. Typically, a transportation company might provide a van for $400 with a driver for 6 hours. 


Limo wedding budget

A classic wedding transportation if you also want to travel in style is a wedding limo. They come in different sizes and types, so finding the best limo for your wedding should be easy. 

You can expect to pay around $100 per trip, where some areas will be pricier. Please refer to how much does a limo cost for a wedding to know more about the charges for this particular type of transportation. 


Trolley rates

You might be wondering how much does it cost to rent a trolley, especially if this transportation fits the rustic theme of your wedding. You can bring your wedding guests with you in a trolley, and it may even be a fantastic photo opportunity. 

The average transportation cost for a trolley will depend on your needs. But in general, expect to pay a minimum of $400 or twice as much, so plan your budget wisely. 


How Do I Save On Wedding Transportation?

As discussed above, the average wedding transportation cost starts at $50, but it can go over $1,000 per trip, depending on your needs and how many people you’re bringing. That being said, here are some ways to save money on wedding transportation costs:

  • Make sure your wedding ceremony venue is close to the reception
  • Book as early as you can, but compare different rental companies first
  • Rent large-scale transportations or transport your wedding VIPs only
  • Choose hourly rates and read the policies of the company 
  • Make sure everyone arrives on time to avoid extra charges for waiting time
  • Negotiate effectively


How Does The Bride Get To The Wedding?

The bride and groom will travel separately to the wedding. They can also arrive with family and close friends in a limo or shuttle from the wedding party. 

After the ceremony, the newlyweds can ride to the reception together or with the wedding party. You can also take a private car to save on costs. 

And after the wedding, select a fitting getaway mobile. Here is how to leave your wedding reception in style


What Is The Cheapest Way To Transport Wedding Guests?

The cheapest way to transport wedding guests is by selecting a shuttle service from the hotel. In addition, the rates might be lower as part of the package when you block rooms. 

You can also rent a school bus or use your private vehicle if you have a van or any large-scale car. But of course, know that you’re not obligated to provide all the guests’ transportation. 

Who pays for the transportation costs? The bride’s family traditionally shoulders the expenses. 


How to transport your wedding guests

  • Schedule picking up the guests 15 minutes before the start of the wedding ceremony
  • Estimate the travel time between the ceremony location and reception, so that the transportation service won’t wait too long 
  • Consider starting the cocktail hour earlier so the guests who arrived early won’t notice the waiting time as other guests are still traveling from the venue to the reception



And that’s it! We just learned how much does wedding transportation cost, which can be as affordable as under $100 up to over $1,000. 

Please select the correct size vehicle and plan your schedule accordingly to avoid spending too much on wedding transportation. It would also help significantly if your venue is not that far from the reception. 

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