How To Make Wedding Cake Icing From Scratch

If you’re interested to learn how to make wedding cake icing even as a non-professional baker, try this easy-to-make recipe. The instructions are straightforward, and the ingredients are easy to find that you’re unlikely to make a mistake even if it’s your first time making a wedding cake frosting. 

We’ve also included other icing flavors for wedding cakes and recommend the best one to use for your cake. But if you want an interesting wedding cake without exterior frosting, here’s how to make a naked wedding cake

how to make wedding cake icing


Easiest Recipe On How To Make Wedding Cake Icing


Ingredients for wedding cake icing

  • 16 ounces of sifted confectioner’s sugar
  • 1 cup of vegetable shortening 
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla flavor or a flavor of your choice
  • Three tablespoons of milk 


Wedding cake frosting instructions

  1. Beat vegetable shortening on medium speed until the consistency is creamy
  2. Mix in vanilla or whatever flavor you want for the wedding cake icing 
  3. Beat in the confectioner’s sugar in the mixture for one cup at a time and set the mixer’s speed to low
  4. Once the icing is blended well, add the milk and beat on medium speed until fluffy
  5. To thin out the frosting’s consistency, you can gradually add milk into the mixture and beat 
  6. Buttery wedding cakes are also achievable by replacing the vegetable shortening; for this recipe, a stick of butter should be used for every half a cup of vegetable shortening 


What Kind Of Icing Is Used On A Wedding Cake?

When making wedding cake icing, you must consider the flavor and look you want for your cake. It’s easy to make some recipes, but remember that your frosting should also suit the venue’s conditions as some might be unable to withstand certain temperatures. 


Buttercream icing

An easy-to-make frosting for beginners who want to do their wedding cake icing is buttercream. From the name itself, it’s a blend of butter and icing sugar, which results in a creamy and well-loved cake frosting. 

You won’t need a base layer to spread it on the wedding cake, and it’s easy to use for decorative finishes with different piping tips. The only challenge is that it’s soft, so transporting the iced wedding cake should be handled with care. 


Fondant icing

A stable icing that’s perfect for outdoor wedding cakes is fondant icing. You can use rolled fondant to cover cakes and make them easier to decorate. 

However, there is also fondant icing that you can pour over the cake, similar to a glaze. Some people might also prefer the wedding cake’s classic taste and texture of buttercream icing. 


Royal icing

Another classic wedding cake icing is the royal icing. It is made from egg whites and icing sugar, and it’s usually colored depending on the theme of the wedding cake. 

Royal icing sets hard, so it’s easier to transport than other types of frosting. However, you want it over a dense wedding cake to prevent the surface from collapsing. 



For chocolate lovers, ganache is the best wedding frosting you can have for your cake. It’s essentially mixed chocolate and cream, perfect for the sweet tooth. 

Because it is thick yet spreadable, you can get creative with decorating your wedding cake with ganache. Just remember to put it somewhere stable in the wedding venue or select another type of frosting if it’ll be hot at the wedding reception. 


What Kind Of Buttercream Is Used On Wedding Cakes?


American buttercream

American buttercream is the easiest and most common icing on a wedding cake. You can use it for decorating and writing over the cake and add almond, vanilla, or lemon extract to change its flavor. 

If you want to adjust its texture, simply experiment with sugar to thicken or milk to smoothen this buttercream. Expect a creamy and smooth frosting that is beloved in wedding cakes. 


Swiss meringue buttercream

Try Swiss meringue buttercream for couples who want a wedding cake that isn’t too sweet. This is another classic wedding cake icing because of the light and silky texture. 

It’s made from sugar and egg whites and can be slightly tricky to make for the first time. Aim to achieve stiff peaks, which should be ideal for piping and decorating cakes and cupcakes. 


Other types of buttercream frosting for wedding cakes

  • French buttercream

French buttercream can be challenging to make compared to American buttercream. It is similar to custard since you’ll use egg yolks with butter and sugar syrup. 

  • German buttercream

The Bavarian or German buttercream is an easier buttercream you can make for your wedding cake. It’s made from sugar, butter, and flavorings, but remember that it will melt quickly, so it’s not suitable for outdoor venues. 

  • Italian meringue buttercream

Besides the Swiss meringue buttercream, you can also do the Italian meringue buttercream for your wedding cake. You’ll whip egg whites and mix in sugar syrup; the resulting frosting will not crust, making it fantastic for piping. 

Here’s how to ice a wedding cake with buttercream for more decorating tips. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make wedding cake icing using vegetable shortening, confectioner’s sugar, milk, and vanilla by mixing everything with the right timing and speed.

It’s also easy to make American buttercream if you want the classic creamy wedding cake. Let us know below if you want to know a specific frosting recipe. 

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