How To Make Wedding Bows Out Of Ribbon In 3 Steps

Those who want to know how to make wedding bows out of ribbon can simplify it into three easy steps. It’s easy to make a bow from wired organza ribbon and you can use them on your wedding church pews. 

We will also help you with making ribbons for different weddings and how to attach them to the pews and chairs at your venue. But if you’re having a boho or rustic wedding, perhaps you’d be interested to learn how to make burlap bows for a wedding

how to make wedding bows out of ribbon


How To Make Wedding Bows Out Of Ribbon: Easy DIY Organza Pew Bows


Step 1. Know where you’ll use the wedding bows

  • Prepare the materials you’ll need for the ribbon bow
  • Select a ribbon material that matches the color scheme and style of your wedding venue
  • For church pews, find the place where you’ll attach the bows out of ribbon to create the ribbon loop size that would be appropriate for it 
  •  Make sure to buy enough ribbon material according to the number of bows you need for the wedding


Step 2. Make the wedding bows

  • There are many video tutorials on how to make bows, but here is the easiest one for wedding bows made out of wired organza ribbon
  • Fold a piece of ribbon in half and create a loop according to the size of where you’ll attach it, but with some allowance, so it’ll be bigger
  • Make a knot with the ribbon; you might be securing the wedding bow to the pew with a wire, so don’t forget to create a tiny loop where you can thread it for installation 
  • Spread the ends of the ribbon to create a better bow shape and check if it’s the right shape and size
  • Make as many bows as needed for the wedding 


Step 3. Decorate the wedding bows

  • To make these DIY pew bows more eye-catching, prepare a floral arrangement you can attach to the knot of the ribbon
  • Cut a flower stem for about six inches and place filler flowers and greenery behind it
  • Wrap the stems with floral tape and use floral wire to secure the floral arrangement at the bow
  • Consider making more loops depending on the look you want for the wedding pew bows
  • Finish the ribbon bows by cutting their ends at an angle 


How Do You Make A Bow For A Wedding?

Do you have a hard time tying a bow from a ribbon? Here’s the most uncomplicated technique for beginners, and you can even use the bows for different wedding needs, such as aisle ribbons, chair ribbons, corsages, and wedding car ribbons. 


For decorative wedding bows made from silk or velvet wedding ribbons

  1. Make bunny ears with a 15-inch long ribbon and adjust the two loops according to the size you want
  2. Fold the left loop over the other and bring it around and back
  3. Get the loop through the center hole and pull to make a knot
  4. Adjust the loops again and check if the tails are as long as you want
  5. FInish the tails accordingly and add accents in the knot if needed


For corsage wedding bows or any wedding floral arrangement

  1. Cut two ribbon lengths; one long and one short
  2. Take the long ribbon piece and make a loop on its end
  3. Twist and make another loop on the opposite side
  4. Twist and repeat until you complete the number of loops you want on each side
  5. Make sure you still have enough ribbon for the tails of the bow
  6. Tie the loops with the shorter ribbon piece
  7. With the knot at one end, you want the longer end loose because it will be the second half of the bow tail
  8. Create a double knot on the bow to finish, then fluff the loops to restore the bow shape


How to finish wedding bow tails

You don’t want the wedding bows looking tacky, so don’t neglect finishing their tails. You can also choose to keep them short if it looks better where you’ll use the wedding bows. 

If one tail is longer or shorter, simply cut the longer one to match the shorter tail. You also don’t need to do the classic chevron cut on the bow tails, as even a triangle or simple clean angled cut should finish the tails neatly. 

If you want another tutorial for wedding pew bows, try this tutorial on how to make wedding pew bows. You can also use them outside if your venue has a spot where you can tie the ribbon. 


How Do You Attach Wedding Bows To Church Pews?

Use pew clips so you can slide its hook through one of the bow knots. Then, tie a small bow around this hook to conceal it and hang the larger hook of the clip over the side of the pew.


How Do You Attach Wedding Bows To Chairs?

Wrap the chair with a ribbon looped around it. Use this ribbon to attach the wire ends of the primary wedding bow and tuck the ends for a neat look. 



Was this tutorial easy? You just learned how to make wedding bows out of ribbon in three steps. 

Measure where you’ll attach the wedding bow to know the correct size loop to make. Then, tie a simple bow and decorate its knot with a mini floral arrangement. 

We hope this was helpful; let us know if you have any questions below. 

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