How To Make Wedding Pew Bows In 2 Easy Steps

Do you know that it’s easy to learn how to make wedding pew bows as it only takes two steps? This tutorial will use a six-inch thick ribbon, and we will also include ways to decorate with bows in the wedding and how you attach them securely. 

Another tutorial that you can also read is how to make a tulle bow for a wedding. Tulle is a popular all-around wedding fabric, so it might be something you’re interested in using for pew bows as well.  

How To Make Wedding Pew Bows


How To Make Wedding Pew Bows Yourself


Step 1. Creating the loops of the pew bow

  • Prepare a three-yard ribbon strip and hold one end of it
  • Fold it over to form a loop, then create a second one angled to it
  • To avoid aligning the second loop on top of the first one, try twisting the ribbon to the right when you make that loop, ensuring that both loops are the same size
  • Check if the center of the second loop is aligned with the previous loop’s middle part
  • Twist the remaining ribbon back and forth as if making an accordion to the right and left until you have about 12 loops
  • To ensure that the pew bow will look neat, hold the center of each loop when creating one


Step 2. Finishing the pew bow

  • Use your one hand to hold the center of all the loops you made
  • Prepare a strip of another ribbon, usually a sheer material like organza, and wrap it where all the loops meet to compile them
  • Make a knot with the organza strip in the middle of the pew bow, then tighten as needed
  • Allow the rest of the ribbon strip to fall down in the middle of the pew bow
  • Fan out the loops to give the pew bow a better shape
  • Have some of the loops forward and some backward for added volume, and you can also fold each loop end vertically in half and cut a short line in the middle of the pew bow for detail
  • At this point, you can decorate the wedding pew bow or leave it as is; for weddings, it’s common to add a flower arrangement in the middle of the pew bow or even smaller and narrow strips of ribbon for design


How Many Yards Of Ribbon Do I Need For A Pew Bow?

The size of the pew bows you need for the wedding will dictate how many yards you must prepare when making them. Church pew bows typically measure 12 inches in diameter, which means you’ll need about 5 yards of ribbon. 

On the other hand, smaller pew bows might only be 8 inches, and 4 yards of ribbon might suffice. And for bigger pew bows, 7 yards of the ribbon should make a pew bow 18 inches in diameter. 

Remember that you will also need another ribbon strip to tie the loops together in the middle of the bow. So it’s best that you even allocate enough material allowance in case you want a poofier pew bow where you’ll loop another piece of ribbon back and forth in the center of the finished loops.  


How Long Should Pew Bows Be?

For wedding pew bows, you’ll usually allow the bow’s loops to be as long as four inches. Another option is to remember that the piece you tie in the middle for a 12-inch pew bow is a three-foot-long strip. 


How Do You Use Bow Wedding Decorations?



The most common way to use wedding bows is along the aisle, walkways, and especially on church pews. You can use identical bows or start with medium sizes up to large. 

You can also add garlands in between for a more collected look. Fabrics as garland are an excellent option for large venues, while vines and chains look great for smaller locations. 

Speaking of decorating with fabric, you might be interested to learn what fabric is used for wedding draping as well. 



Wedding bows can also be used as markers in the wedding venue. You treat the bows as accents on larger decors around the venue to make them pop out better. 

This is also a great way to save on expensive decor as bows are relatively cheap to make. 



A great way to differentiate seats is with bows. For example, you can enclose the center aisle with bows and loops of ribbons, so the guests can know where to sit. 


Selected chairs

If the wedding uses individual chairs instead of benches like those in a church, you can only have the bows on the family’s chairs. Decorate the individual chairs closest to the front to make them stand out.  


How Do You Attach Pew Bows?

  • Tie them with ribbon strips or wire
  • Use thick rubber bands to anchor the pew bows
  • Try pew clips for a safer alternative to surfaces that can get damaged easily 



Was this tutorial easy? You have learned how to make wedding pew bows that you can decorate the church aisle for your wedding. 

It’s as easy as making loops then tying them in the middle. From there, you can decorate the pew bows or add details, then attach them to the pews by tying or with pew clips. 

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