How To Make Curtains Longer Without Sewing? 4 Easy Steps!

Are you here to know how to make curtains longer without sewing? Then, you have come to the right place. 

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand when it comes to long curtains

how to make curtains longer without sewing

That is because homeowners have realized that too short curtains can make a room look even smaller than it actually is. 

But don’t worry if the curtain that you bought is not that long, because you can make it longer. 

What’s even good is that you don’t have to sew. 


Things Needed

Before anything else, gather the supplies that you need first. 

  • Curtains
  • Stitch witchery
  • Any kind of trim
  • Damp cloth
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Seam ripper


Steps To Make Curtains Longer Without Sewing

Longer curtains can look very stylish. It can make a room look more spacious. 

But if your curtains are not long enough to achieve the ceiling to floor look, you can perform the following easy steps. 

So, how to make curtains longer without sewing?


Step #1. Removing the bottom hem of the curtain panel

Remove your curtain’s bottom hem carefully using a seam ripper.

This task can be very tedious to do, so be patient in doing this. 

Some curtains would easily snag, and some won’t. 


Step #2. Iron the former hem

After you have ripped the seam out, take the curtain panel into the ironing board. Select the steam setting and iron the hem open. 


Step #3. Applying the first trim

Hang your curtains again and measure if how much longer you will need for them to reach the floor.

Get a trim that can fit into that required measurement. 

Then take out your Stitch Witchery and position it on top of the curtain’s raw edge. Lay the trim over it. 

Take a cloth and dampen it slightly. Then, place it carefully on top of the trim.

Press it for about five up to ten seconds with your iron at its steam setting. 

Just press the iron and be careful not to slide it. Do the same process for the entire width of the panel. 


Step #4. Finishing it

Now that you have already applied the first row of your trim. 

Just repeat the same process for the next rows until you reached the desired length.

You can either left the edges of the trim raw or wrap it to attain a more polished look.

But if you hang the curtains, the raw edges are not that noticeable.


Other Ways To Make Curtains Longer

If you did not like the above procedure, don’t worry because there are still some other ways to do it. 

You can choose from the options below. 


#1. Using curtain rings

If your curtain is only short for several inches, you can fill this gap by using curtain rings. 

This can help in having your curtain panels reach the floor or barely kissing it. Curtain rings are typically available in different sizes. 

Commonly, you will have to choose between 1.5 up to 2 inches. 

Take note, when purchasing the curtain rings, you need to check if how wide is your curtain rod. This is to ensure that the rings will fit onto the rod easily. 

Each curtain panel can accommodate at least seven curtain rings or more if it is wide. The most important thing here is to space these rings out evenly. 

Those curtain rings also have clips that will help you in hanging the curtains well. But more importantly, the rings will make the curtains longer. 

Either it will hang above your floor or simply graze it.


#2. Undo the bottom hem

This method is somewhat similar to the first procedure above. 

As you can see at the bottom of the curtain, the fabric is folded and stitched towards the back to create a hem. 

All you have to do is to undo the hem to make use of the folded fabric to add a few inches into the length of your curtain panels. 

Although this is a non-sewing method, you will need a particular sewing tool which is a seam ripper. 

To accomplish your project using this method, follow the easy steps below:


Step #1. Unfold the sem

Slide the sharp and pointed edge of the seam ripper onto the stitched and pull it gently to get rid of the stitch.

Do the same process to remove all the stitches of the bottom hem. 

If you have reached the end of your curtain panel, pull it gently so that the seams will no longer be folded and attached to the curtain. 

Also, pull any loose thread pieces and discard them. 


Step #2. Iron it

For you to get rid of the crease that is left by the original hem, get iron and press it gently against the ironing board.

You can even spray some water for it to be more effective. 

Just keep on pressing the hem until you the creases completely disappears. 


It’s A Wrap!

You can achieve the elegance and luxury of a floor-to-ceiling look if you know how to make curtains longer without sewing. 

With the no-sew methods above, you can accomplish your project even with low sewing skills.

And, most importantly, even without a sewing machine.