How To Make Baby Shower Pins For Guest To Wear

If you’re curious about how to make baby shower pins for guest to wear, simplify the process into three steps. We’ll teach you how to make guest baby shower pins using affordable materials like card stocks, ribbons, and safety pins. 

And to honor the expecting parents, why not give them corsages? Here’s an easy DIY tutorial on how to make a baby shower corsage out of socks

how to make baby shower pins for guest to wear


How To Make Baby Shower Pins For Guest To Wear


Step 1. Prepare the ribbons

  • Decide on the color of ribbons and card stocks for the baby shower pins; you can do blue and pink themes for co-ed baby showers, for example
  • Depending on the width of your ribbon, cut several strips for each guest pin; you can cut eight 2-inch strips per guest pin 
  • Fold each strip in half and glue the ends to form teardrop-like loops  


Step 2. Attach the ribbons to the card stock 

  • Cut the card stocks into circles for the body of the baby shower pins for the guests
  • Glue four ribbon loops on each circle so the 12:00 and 6:00 loops are vertical and the 3:00 and 9:00 loops are lying horizontally 
  • Fill the gaps between the ribbon loops with more ribbon loops diagonally, so the ribbons form an asterisk
  • Cut another piece of ribbon around five inches long and fold it into a V to form the tail 
  • You can cut the ends of the ribbon diagonally or into a fishtail
  • Position the tail in the card stock, so the ribbon tails are not too long or too short 
  • Glue the top part of the ribbon tail into the pin, so the two ends are positioned outward and equal in lengths


Step 3. Decorate and attach the safety pin

  • Flip the baby shower pin and glue a decoration or two of your choice at the front
  • You can consider flowers, baby sock stickers, mini baby bottles, or even mini baby animals for decorating the pins; make sure the decorations are cohesive, so your baby shower pins for the guests look the same
  • Glue the safety pin at the back of the baby shower pin
  • Add a short piece of ribbon over the safety pin for added security but make sure that the guest can still open it
  • Test the pin onto your clothes and add more glue to the parts that need reinforcement


Who Gets Baby Shower Pins?

The guests usually receive baby shower pins at the party as a welcoming present. The host might also include the pins in the goodie bags the guests will take home, so they have something to remember about the baby shower. 

In baby showers that also double the baby’s gender reveal, the hosts might hand out baby shower pins for team baby boy and team baby girl. And if the guests of honor are not getting corsages, the host might prepare special baby shower pins to honor them. 


How Many Baby Shower Pins Do You Need?

You’ll hand each guest a baby shower pin, so the guest list will dictate how many pins you must have. If only the guest of honor wears the pin, the host will only prepare one. 

And in co-ed baby showers, both the mom and dad-to-be will get baby shower pins. The host might also wear one to distinguish them from the guests. 


Who Will Be Making The Baby Shower Pins?

The host will prepare the decorations and other things for the baby shower, including favors and gifts. However, she can always ask for help from other close family and friends of the guest of honor to surprise them with something personal. 

If the baby shower pins are the favors for the guests, then the host will arrange all of them. Consider DIY baby shower pins, as they’re easy and cheap to make. 

And speaking of arranging the decorations, don’t forget to prepare the baby shower stork. Read how to make a stork for a baby shower to know more. 


What Is The Best Way To Decorate Baby Shower Pins?

Here are some ideas to make your baby shower pins cuter and more memorable:

  • Play with different colors and textures of ribbons
  • Consider printed cardstocks
  • Customize stickers for the pins
  • Buy miniature baby items like baby bottles, socks, or even toys
  • Personalize the baby shower pin with the name of the expecting parents
  • Consider the baby shower theme when decorating the pins
  • Combine a pin and a corsage for the mom and dad’s pins


What Is The Best Way To Package The Pins For The Guests?

If you’re handing out a pin as a baby shower favor, include it in the goody bag. You can prepare mini mesh bags with the pin and other mini goodies like sweets or a vial of dried flowers

The pin can also act as the tag for your favors, like mason jars and bottles for the baby shower. It can mention what you’re giving the guests, like the specific scent of the baby shower candle or the flavor of the cookie. 



And that’s it! To recap how to make baby shower pins for guest to wear, you only need to cut card stock circles and attach ribbon loops around them. 

Add the ribbon tail and decorate the front as you wish to finish. Let us know how you personalize this tutorial for the guests’ favors below.

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