Can You Try On Wedding Dresses Without Buying

If you’re curious about can you try on wedding dresses without buying, it’s possible, but it depends on the bridal boutique. The bride will need an appointment, and some shops even require a non-refundable fee. 

And while it’s possible to try dresses without buying, read the expected etiquette for brides below. Alternatively, if you can’t commit to purchasing a bridal gown, you can check how much does it cost to rent a wedding dress

can you try on wedding dresses without buying


Can You Try On Wedding Dresses Without Buying?


You can try wedding dress without buying but…

One can try bridal dresses without buying them, but remember that your intention should still be to purchase a wedding dress. It’s acceptable for the bride to go to a bridal salon and try on several wedding dresses but realize that she doesn’t find what she likes. 

It would be more regretful if you had to purchase a wedding dress you don’t like. However, it wouldn’t also be good etiquette to look like you’re at the boutique to buy a wedding dress without really intending to. 


Why should you not go to a bridal shop if you don’t intend to buy a wedding dress

Remember that other brides are there to get a wedding dress, and you’re potentially getting in their way or causing them to miss a style. The other staff at the bridal salon will also spend their time accommodating you over those who genuinely need a dress.

The bottom line is that brides can try on wedding dresses without buying them as no one expects you to purchase something you don’t like. However, it’s disrespectful to the stylist and other customers if you schedule and go to an appointment if you’re not prepared or planning to buy a bridal gown. 

Trying on wedding dresses just for fun is not considerate of the bridal salon and other brides. So if you’re not committed, do not go to a wedding dress boutique yet. 


Can You Try On Wedding Dresses Without Being Engaged?

Technically, anyone can try bridal dresses without being engaged, but you have two considerations. One, keep that information to yourself as consultants and other brides will naturally feel off that someone is taking their time without the intention of buying or even needing a wedding dress, to begin with. 

The second consideration is not going to a bridal appointment if you’re not engaged. You may not think that it’s not a hassle, but remember that the stylists will take their time and energy to accommodate you. 


You can try a wedding dress without being engaged but… 

They’ll ask you questions about the dress you want to wear based on the wedding you’re having. So if you’re not engaged yet, they’ll likely notice that you’re not there to buy or even need a wedding dress. 

You are keeping them from accommodating other brides who really need a dress, especially those with a limited time to consume. For example, you might be trying a specific wedding dress without buying, and this prevents one bride from seeing that style since her time at the bridal boutique is limited. 


Can You Just Try On Dresses At David’s Bridal?

You’ll still need to book an appointment with a bridal stylist at David’s Bridal, even if you just want to look around. That being said, you’re getting a “service,” which means it might not be of good taste to just try on wedding dresses without the intention of buying one. 

Remember that you’ll be assisted in trying on dresses, especially heavy and detailed gowns. Furthermore, the stylist will likely work with you and interview you regarding the dress you envision having. 

If you have no intention of buying, you might struggle to provide the vision you have for your dress. Furthermore, since walk-ins are allowed in David’s Bridal, it would be unfair that someone not planning to buy a dress will be accommodated over a bride who really needs a bridal gown. 

Think about the etiquette, especially when you bring guests with you to “play dress-ups” at a busy bridal boutique. Consultants are also typically paid by commission.

Alternatively, you can call a boutique and tell them upfront that you’re just doing research. Then, gauge their reaction to know if they’ll still be willing to accommodate you. 


How Many Dresses Can You Try On In A Bridal Appointment?

There are no rules regarding the number of bridal gowns you can try during a bridal appointment. It will depend on your time and if you already know what you want. 

For example, some brides only need to try four dresses, and they’ll know what to get, while others have tried over five gowns and still don’t know if they have what they want to buy. But regardless, do not try multiple dresses and complicated heavy gowns if you have no intention of buying because you’re consuming the consultant’s time and energy that they could’ve given to another bride. 

To be more time-efficient and practical since trying on dresses can be laborious, know what to bring to a wedding dress fitting.



And that’s it! You just learned about can you try on wedding dresses without buying, and the answer is yes. 

However, it’s preferred to only go to a bridal shop if you’re really planning to buy. Be considerate of the consultant and other brides because the shop is a business and other women actually need a wedding dress.

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