Whose Name Goes First On Wedding Invitation

If you’re unsure with whose name goes first on wedding invitation, it’s the bride’s. But before you go on with this information, continue reading this article for the dos and don’ts of making a wedding invitation. 

We’ll go through the etiquette of wedding invitations as it’s something not to be stressed about. You can also browse our wedding blogs for other tips and guides for this important event. 

whose name goes first on wedding invitation

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Whose Name Goes First On Wedding Invitations Bride Or Groom

The traditional way is to have the bride’s name first on the wedding invitation. Then, it will be followed by the groom’s name. 

But more than this sequence, wedding invitations usually have the bride’s name without her surname, but the groom will have his full name written. So nowadays, if the wedding has two brides or two grooms, it will be a discussion between the two who will marry. 

Note that you don’t necessarily have to follow this rule. For example, you can decide if the names will follow an alphabetical order or even consider having full names or just first names on the invitation. 


Why Does The Bride’s Name Go First?

It has been thought that the practice of having the bride’s name first on the wedding invitation is from the “ladies first” mentality. This is even part of the Western etiquette for wedding invitations that are usually followed diligently by most brides and grooms.

Another reason why the bride’s name is first on the wedding invitation is that it’s also more traditional for the bride’s parents to host the event. In addition, because the bride’s family in some cultures has a higher share of expenses, they’ll also earn the right to have the bride’s name preceding the groom. 


What Order Do Names Go On Wedding Invitations?

  1. Bride’s parents hosting/groom’s parents hosting/ both bride’s and groom’s parents hosting/ bride and groom hosting/ all parents hosting/ honoring deceased parents
  2. Request line
  3. Bride and groom
  4. Date and time
  5. Location
  6. Reception
  7. RSVP

If you don’t want to follow traditions, you can also go the modern route and arrange the names on the wedding invitation in the following order:

  • Alphabetical order
  • How the names would sound when spoken
  • How the written names would look for maximum visual appeal on the invitation 


Do Groom’s Parents Names Go On Wedding Invitation?

The groom’s parents names can go on the wedding invitation, especially if they have the top billing and not the bride’s parents. Some weddings have the groom’s parents as hosts or perhaps both parents of the groom and bride are the hosts. 

However, it’s also a gracious call to include the groom’s parents’ names on the wedding invitation. Furthermore, there are other considerations on how you must consist of the parents’ names on the wedding invitation. 

  • Divorced parents
  • Divorced parents and one or both has remarried
  • Parent and step-parent
  • Living parent/ honoring deceased parent/s
  • Parent/s is a doctor


Do You Put People’s Names On Wedding Invites?

You don’t put people’s names on the card of the wedding invite. On the card itself, the people indicated on it were only the hosts and names of the couple. 

However, you have to know how to address wedding invitations properly or the names on the envelope. Consider the guest/s you’re addressing to see the etiquette to follow. 

  • Married couple with the same last name
  • Married couple with different last names
  • Unmarried couples
  • Single male/female
  • Couples with distinguished titles 
  • Family with children


What Is The Etiquette On Wedding Invitations?


Western wedding etiquette

The etiquette on Western wedding invitations is to have the bride’s name before the groom’s name. This is based on the importance of the “ladies first” rule in Western culture. 

Then, any printed items on the wedding day itself and afterward will have the groom’s name first. This is why the decorations on the venue and other things with personalized tags have the groom’s name before the bride. 


Eastern wedding etiquette

It’s more common in Eastern culture to have the groom’s name before the bride’s name on the wedding invitation. This is from the idea that the bride gets married to the groom and not the groom gets married to the bride. 

However, note that not everyone should always practice tradition. For example, most weddings embrace modernity nowadays, and they don’t follow this order for the names in their invites. 

Nevertheless, here are some more tips regarding  wedding invitation etiquette:

  • Give the guests at least 6 weeks notice to respond
  • Clarify who you want to invite on the front of the envelope (e.g., specify if only a couple is invited and not their children)
  • Consider giving plus-ones to your guests
  • Cut off the RSVP deadlines a month before the wedding
  • Make sure that the invitation has all the information about the wedding ceremony and reception
  • Place a return address on the envelope 
  • Put your registry information on your website



And that’s it! We just found out whose name goes first on wedding invitation, and it is the bride’s.

This is because some cultures value the “ladies first” policy or etiquette since the bride’s family has the top billing. Nonetheless, it’s your choice to follow traditions or embrace modernity. 

We hope this was helpful; leave us a question if you have any. 

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