How To Make A Tulle Bow For A Wedding In 2 Steps

Those who want to know how to make a tulle bow for a wedding can simplify it into two easy steps. First, we will share easy tricks to assemble a tulle bow and how you can finish the bows neatly. 

And since we’re on the topic of making wedding decors, do you know how to do draping? Read what fabric is used for wedding draping because you can also drape tulle and not just turn it into ribbons around the reception. 


How To Make A Tulle Bow For A Wedding The Easiest Way


Step 1. Making the bow

  • Prepare a roll of tulle and decide the size of the bow you want to make
  • Start with the diameter size of the tulle bow and mark it on a piece of cardboard
  • Determine the length you want for the bow tail, then cut a section of the tulle measuring twice this length 
  • Grab the end of the tulle from the roll and place it on the side of the cardboard piece you cut earlier
  • Pin the corners of the tulle to stabilize it before pulling the material onto the marking 
  • Fold the tulle back towards the opposite side and pin the corners in place
  • Continue folding the material into an accordion-like pattern until you create enough loops on each side of the tulle
  • Remove and replace pins as you go to stabilize the material


Step 2. Finishing the bow

  • Once the loops are equal on each side of the tulle, cut it in a straight line; check if the tulle matches the loop edges
  • Locate the center of the tulle loops and mark
  • Test where the marking will land on the tailpiece you cut earlier and make a knot on that part to attach it to the bow
  • Check if you’ll have two tail ends hanging from the bow
  • Remove the pins that hold the loops and fluff out the bow into shape 
  • Add embellishments and decors to the finished tulle bow if needed (e.g., flowers, crystals, ribbons, and other ornaments related to the wedding theme)
  • When decorating with tulle bows, dab the glue at the center of the bow or attach a wire at the back of the bow’s center knot for hanging


How Many Yards Of Tulle Do I Need To Make A Bow?

The yards of tulle you’ll need will depend on the size of the bow you’re making. For example, you might be making a few large bows for decorating wedding chairs or multiple small tulle bows as accessories for the bridal party. 

If you make pew bows with tulle, you will need around 6 yards to make a large bow around 16 inches in diameter, while something smaller like an 8-inch bow will only need 3 to 4 yards. 

Expect that you’ll also allocate half a yard to make the bow tail. A tip is to buy tulle rolls to save money because one roll can have up to 200 yards of material. 


How Do You Make A Big Tulle Bow?

  1. Prepare 6 yards of tulle to make a big bow that’s around 16 inches in diameter
  2. Mark 16 inches of width on a cardboard piece
  3. Pin one end of the tulle and fold it back, creating pleats and pinning as you go to prevent the tulle from slipping
  4. Continue folding the tulle into an accordion-like pattern until you have enough layers to reach the loops you want on each side of the bow
  5. Once the loops are equal on each side, pin the four corners of the tulle
  6. Cut a section of tulle and slide it under the pinned tulle layers
  7. Pull both ends of this tulle upward and tie it into a square knot to create the center of the bow 
  8. Add more tulle in the center as needed, depending on the tail length you want or if you want to combine different colors into the bow
  9. Pull out the layers and fluff out the tulle bow 


What Is Tulle Ribbon?

Tulle ribbons are commonly seen as decors and details, especially in weddings. They are made from tulle, a net fabric made from different materials like polyester, nylon, or even rayon and silk. 

What makes tulle ribbon versatile is it comes in different colors, hole size of the mesh pattern, and even weight to suit various uses in the wedding. Depending on what looks best for the decor, you can also layer tulle or select from sheer to semi-opaque. 


How Do You Use Tulle For A Wedding?

Tulle is one of the most widely used fabrics in a wedding as it can be seen in what the bride wears, various floral arrangements that are worn or used to adorn the venue, and even as the decoration itself. 

As you can see on how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric, tulle is also useful to add volume to a flat-looking arch. And as this blog discussed, you can make tulle bows that can be worn or used to embellish the wedding venue and wedding gifts. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to make a tulle bow for a wedding, which is as easy as creating pleats similar to an accordion then making a knot for the tail at the center of the bow loops. 

We hope this was easy to follow; leave us a comment on how your wedding bows turn out. 

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