How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Hostess Gift

It’s only fitting to know how much to spend on baby shower hostess gift, but the considerations vary from person to person. Since the baby shower hostess is usually a close family or friend of the expecting mom, her baby shower gift can cost anywhere from $50 to $100. 

We will also give you ideas for hostess gifts so you’ll have something to show gratitude to the person who planned the baby shower. And for those unsure about this role, we’ve discussed the expectations regarding who throws the baby shower

how much to spend on baby shower hostess gift


How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Hostess Gift?

The hostess gift can cost anywhere from $50 to $100. This range fits as the baby shower host or hostess is someone close to the expecting mom or dad, like a family or friend. 

The baby shower hostesses are also responsible for planning the party and ensuring it will be enjoyable for everyone attending. Therefore, the amount for the hostess gifts should be something that will show your gratitude for their efforts. 

However, money differs for everybody, especially the expecting mom or dad, who’ll need to set their budget accordingly once the baby arrives. The hostess’s gift is a gesture of thanks for the person and the things they did for the baby shower. 

The price range given is only an example to help you select the hostess gift. It can be higher or lower as people vary in their financial situations. 

Like all gifts, it’s the thought or idea behind what you’ll give to your party host. But of course, do not pick something less than special.


Do You Get A Gift For The Host Of Your Baby Shower?

The expecting parents should get a gift for their baby shower host or hostess. Even if the role is voluntary, it’s only decent to show gratitude to the people who thought of hosting the party to celebrate your first baby. 

It’s not easy to plan the baby shower as the hostess will contact other family and friends to ensure they can attend, book a venue, and arrange everything, including using their own money for the baby shower budget. Besides giving a thank you card, a hostess gift will make the person feel acknowledged. 

You can also give them food, flowers, or other things to show that they’re appreciated if you can’t provide the recommended gift amount mentioned. After all, psychology and numerous studies have always emphasized the importance of gratitude for humans


What Gift Should You Get Your Baby Shower Hostess?

Finding the best gift for the baby shower hostess can take time and effort. We’ve listed some popular baby shower host or hostess gifts below, but ultimately, choose something personal for the person since their gift is a gesture of gratitude, and you know them well. 

  • Personalized things like an embroidered robe, towel, sleepwear, mug, bottle opener
  • Commissioned artwork like portraits
  • Homemade food like baked goodies or a gift card from the host’s favorite restaurant
  • Flowers like a bouquet of their favorite blooms or DIY artwork like pressed flowers
  • Kitchenware
  • Streaming service subscription
  • The hostess’ favorite book or music album
  • Customized soap or perfume
  • Pamper basket with home spa essentials
  • Gift certificates from their favorite stores
  • Food subscription box
  • Handmade or custom jewelry


When To Give The Hostess Of Your Baby Shower Her Gift?

The best time to give your baby shower hostess her gift is after the baby shower. You can hand her the gift after everyone has gone home, so you can also talk and thank the hostess personally for everything.

You can prepare her thank you card earlier than other guests and include it with the hostess gift. And if you need the etiquette for thank you cards for baby showers, refer to our detailed guide on what to say in a baby shower thank you card.  


Should A Hostess Gift Be Wrapped?

Hostess gifts should be wrapped like all gifts. It’s another experience to open and try to guess the gift, and it might be better, especially if you’re handing the party host or hostess their gift with people around. 

If multiple people are hosting your baby shower, you might be giving different things. It will be less awkward if some hostess gifts are pricier than others. 


How To Thank The Host Of Your Baby Shower?

Giving the baby shower host or hostess a thank you card and a thoughtful gift is a great way to thank them for throwing the party. When writing the note, you don’t need to pen an essay, but it shouldn’t be a short “thanks.”

Be detailed with your appreciation and acknowledge how you loved their ideas for the baby shower. And for the gift, pick something useful and personal.

You can also quickly thank the hostess when you speak at the baby shower. And before you go home, take the time to thank them in person. 



Was this guide helpful? We just learned how much to spend on baby shower hostess gift, which is between $50 to $100.

However, gesture and thoughtfulness matter more as people vary in financial situations. Tell us below what item you’ll get for your baby shower host.

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