How To Make Baby Shower Favors For A Boy On A Budget

If you’re running out of unique ideas on how to make baby shower favors for a boy, try these five DIY tutorials! We have unique, cute, and affordable favors, and we’ve also included items if the baby boy’s party has a specific theme. 

Continue reading below for baby shower favors that won’t break your budget and patience. And for a gender-neutral baby shower, you can check our list of the best DIY items in how to make a baby shower favor

how to make baby shower favors for a boy


How To Make Baby Shower Favors For A Boy: Unique And Affordable DIY Crafts Your Guest Will Love


Mini paper shoes

If you want your baby shower favors for a boy to stand out from other favors, make unique containers for the treats you’ll give guests. For example, make paper shoes filled with blue candies.


  • Colored paper depending on the baby shower theme 
  • Cardboard 
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Ribbon
  • Stencil of a 2D shoe or sneaker


  1. Draw a shoe on practice paper; it can be any 2D shoe drawing as long as it has two sides, a heel, sole, tongue, and a toe cap
  2. Imagine the shoe in 3D and draw each part separately with allowance on their measurements for glue
  3. Add details to the shoe parts with markers
  4. Cut the shoe parts and glue them together to construct the 3D shoe
  5. Measure a piece of cardboard that will go under the shoe for structure
  6. Place the candy bag inside the shoe
  7. Glue a piece of ribbon or mimic a lace to finish the paper shoe


Resin cap openers

You might have a co-ed party to celebrate your baby boy, which means some guests will also be guys. So besides the usual pamper kits and sweet treats, why not have DIY cap openers as your baby shower favors?


  • Resin bottle opener mold (you can purchase one on Amazon for only $15.99 as of this writing)
  • Mini toys you can put within the resin cap opener, depending on the baby boy shower theme, like (polymer clay baby bottles, etc.,)


  1. Mix resin according to instructions and add the inclusions into the mixture
  2. If the decorations did not sink to the bottom, you would need another resin layer to keep them from floating to the top
  3. Remove the resin cap opener after it set from the mold and install the bottle opener insert that comes with the kit
  4. Screw the bottle opener insert into the resin according to the design of the mold
  5. Install the opener insert immediately after molding for easier insertion


Blue candles

Regardless of the baby shower theme and guests, a favorite baby shower favor is homemade candles. Try this DIY blue candle tutorial for baby boy shower favors. 


  • Soy wax flakes
  • Wick and stickers
  • Blue dye block
  • Choice of fragrance oil
  • Alcohol
  • Double boiler
  • Stirring spatula
  • Scissors
  • Paper towels
  • Jars for the candles
  • Stickers or ribbons as decorations


  1. Pour the soy wax flakes and melt them in the double boiler 
  2. Clean the candle jars with paper towels and a bit of isopropyl alcohol
  3. Install the wicks using their stickers on the centers of the candle jars 
  4. Add the dye block to the melting wax flakes and mix thoroughly
  5. Check the temperature of the wax and add the fragrance oil if it’s at 185°F
  6. Stir for two minutes 
  7. Lower the heat and pour the candle mixture into the jars once it’s at 135°F
  8. To keep the wick centered, place any long object over the jar to keep it upright and straight
  9. Let the blue baby shower candles cool and trim the wicks


Nautical cookies

Do you want a unique baby shower theme for your baby boy, not just a blue-themed party? Nautical themes are popular for the baby boy shower, and what ideal favor to give your guests than sailboat cookie treats?


  • Sugar cookie recipe ingredients
  • Blue, white, and red royal icing recipe ingredients
  • Edible marker

Decorating directions:

  1. You can make any sugar cookie recipe and then use a sailboat cookie cutter
  2. Let the cookies cool down
  3. Prepare the royal icing in different colors and piping bags
  4. Outline the sailboat with details using an edible marker
  5. Fill the boat with blue icing
  6. Fill the sails with white icing
  7. Using a smaller tip, add details on one of the sails
  8. Decorate the sailboat’s tip with red icing
  9. Use another piping tip to write on the boat the guest’s name if you want
  10. Let the icing set
  11. Put the cookies in plastic bags and tie them with a ribbon 


Woodland trail mix goodie bags

Those who don’t have the time for DIY can quickly prepare trail mix bags as baby shower favors for a boy. This idea is perfect for a woodland or rustic theme shower.

Ingredients and items:

  • Mix of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit
  • Twine
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Plastic bags


  1. Pour the trail mix into the bags
  2. Tie the treats with twine
  3. Make custom tags printed on cardstock and tie them to the goodie bags

And if you want another edible favor idea, here’s a recipe for making baby shower cookies. You can put them in blue boxes if the baby shower is for a boy.



Did this list give you an idea? We’ve discussed easy DIY tutorials on how to make baby shower favors for a boy, including paper shoes, resin cap openers, blue candles, nautical cookies, and rustic trail mix bags. 

Overall, don’t be limited with blue items as baby shower favors for a boy. You can always try cute and unique themes like nautical or woodland as inspiration. 

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