How To Make A Couch From A Twin Mattress In 3 Steps

If you want to learn how to make a couch from a twin mattress, you have three steps to tackle. It’s always useful to read about DIY projects like this because they’re a great way to upcycle and get rid of old mattresses. You might even enjoy the process along the way!

This guide is beginner-friendly, so you shouldn’t feel intimidated by doing it yourself. You’ll learn how to build a frame, cover, and construct everything together. So without further ado, get ready to make a couch from a twin mattress right now.

how to make a couch from a twin mattress


How Do You Make A Twin Bed Into A Couch?


Step #1. Make a frame

Did you know that it’s relatively simple to build yourself a frame for the couch? Because you’re designing it yourself, you can choose the materials and form to suit your needs and taste. You can use plywood or reuse other materials like pallets based on the dimensions and finish for your twin mattress. 

A quick day bed will require a headboard, footboard, backpiece, and two pieces for the frame. But if you have no time or tools for DIY, you can construct a couch frame with ready-made parts. Some bed frames come in pieces, and you can join them to make an L-shape for your couch. 

Another useful idea is to make a couch that transforms into a bed. The frame will use your twin mattress, and you can extend it to a full-size mattress. You’ll get both a bed and seat in one furniture piece, and you can even add shelving on the armrest as additional storage. 


Step #2. Prepare the cover

Once you’ve made a frame or constructed one using pieces you bought, the next part you should prepare is the cover for the mattress. Your twin mattress will use a sheet, blanket, and a mattress protector to keep it in place and also help with longevity from wear and tear. You’ll use the mattress protector on top, followed by a sheet and blanket to fully cover the mattress and add aesthetics. 

Furthermore, using several layers of covers will make it easier to maintain your couch. You can remove these layers for washing and cleaning to freshen your mattress. And since you’re using a twin mattress, finding the cover sizes should be easy. 


Step #3. Construction

Turning a twin mattress into a couch is as straightforward as constructing it together with the frame and cover. No cutting, except for the frame building, is necessary since the twin bed is suitable to turn into a couch. You can join two twin beds to make an L-shaped seat in the living room. 

Now that you have a plain-looking couch, you can add more accessories to make it look livelier and complementary to the room. Add some throw pillows with various sizes, shapes, and patterns. You can also drape a blanket on the seat or back to add texture and variety. 


How Do I Turn My Mattress Into A Couch?

As you have just read, you can upcycle your mattress into a couch without even needing to cut it, especially if it’s a twin type. But if you have a larger mattress, you can always resize it at home and turn it into a day bed. Think of it as a couch you can lounge on without taking too much space. 

Depending on how big you want your couch is, cut your mattress to the dimensions that fit snugly into the frame. You can then make a quick couch support using plywood, and a table saw. Prepare the headboard, footboard, back piece, two board strips to make the frame, and crosspieces for support. 

Drill screw holes on every crosspiece and connect each crosspiece to the front and back of the frame. Then, screw the back piece and footboard together and construct the rest of the structure with additional wood glue for reinforcement. Finally, cover the screw holes with wooden plugs, sand, or finish, and place your cut mattress on your couch frame or day bed. 


Does Two Twin Mattress Equal A Full?

It’s common to turn a twin mattress into a couch because it’s one of the smallest ones in the market. However, combining twin mattresses is close to a king-size mattress’s dimension, which is significantly larger than a full bed. Remember that a full mattress measures 54 by 75 inches only, while a king mattress measures 76 by 80 inches. 

A twin mattress is around 39 by 75 inches, and combining two of them will work well with a sheet or comforter for a king-size mattress. Using a queen sheet will not be ideal since a queen-size mattress is longer and narrower than a twin. The cover will not reach the sides and will drape on the foot of the bed. 

Two twin mattresses don’t equal a full and are closer to the size of a king-size mattress, so combining them is a good idea if you want to make a large bed. However, the joint in the middle might feel awkward. 



You can always turn your twin mattress into a seat or day bed without needing many tools. Learning how to make a couch from a twin mattress provides opportunities to go full DIY and make a frame yourself or use ready-made materials, so all you’ll have to do is construction. Regardless, it’s a simple project to try and allows you to upcycle a twin bed you no longer use.