Where To Buy Alaskan King Mattress. Complete Guide

It can be tricky to find where to buy Alaskan King mattress, so read this article to enlighten yourself. Unlike other mattress types, the oversized Alaskan King is something that you just order from specific brands that offer it. You’ll learn more about this mattress in this article. 

But why bother buying an Alaskan King mattress? If you have space, why not indulge and get this vast mattress? It may not be as convenient to move as a split king, but this oversized beauty also offers some unique advantages. 


Where To Buy Alaskan King Mattress

Where To Get An Alaskan King Mattress

Unlike other mattresses, Alaskan King mattresses are not readily available in most retailers and stores because of their size. Instead, you want to find a retailer or mattress company near you that makes custom sizes. Some brands should advertise Alaskan King mattresses, and you can also ask them if they know where to find a bed frame for this particular size. 

An advantage of Alaskan King beds is it’s easy to narrow down your choices because of their exclusivity. You can consider the brand’s reputation regarding the quality of their mattresses, and you can always compare the price range for each bed. Here is a quick buying guide to help you find the best Alaskan King mattress:


What to consider when buying an Alaskan King mattress?


Mattress type

Depending on the company or retailer you chose, you may have multiple material options for your Alaskan King mattress. Do not feel overwhelmed with the terminologies since the salesperson should simplify each type for you. For example, there are so-called hybrid mattresses, which are relatively new to the market. 

From the name itself, it uses a combination of materials to suit every user. There are also your traditional innerspring mattresses, which are ideal for heavy users. They support weight well, so those sharing a bed won’t feel motion transfer as much. 

You can also select from memory foam, latex foam, or gel foam mattresses for your Alaskan King bed. Memory foam is always liked for its responsiveness unique to the user, while gel foam is a cooler option since memory foam tends to retain heat. But if you want to go more eco-friendly, perhaps latex foam mattresses are the better choice. 



The second consideration should be another obvious question to ask yourself. Do you have the space for an Alaskan King mattress? Remember that this is an oversized bed, and you want to have enough area in the room for it. 

Please check its dimensions that you can read later in this guide. Calculate the space for it with allowance on the sides for your other paraphernalia in the room. You also want to ensure that you can easily transport it around the house once it’s delivered. 



The final consideration that you must check is the frame you’ll use for the Alaskan King bed. You will need to find someone who can make a custom foundation for it. However, some homeowners place the mattress directly on the floor. 

Regardless, plan everything to avoid any issues. You must know what you want your bed to look like and the amount of budget you’ll allocate for this project. Not to mention the bedsheets and other covers you’ll need for an Alaskan King bed. 


What Size Is An Alaskan King Bed?

It’s safe to assume that the biggest size among beds is the Alaskan King mattress. Its impressive dimensions are 108 inches by 108 inches, which means it’s like getting two XL mattresses that are even longer! But even though it’s an enormous beauty, Alaskan King mattresses still make an excellent bed as long as you have enough space. 

Those who share a bed, families that co-sleep together, or even if you sleep with your fur baby, all will have enough room for everyone. You don’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable due to the tight space if you use a regular bed. Besides, who will say no to a huge area for sleeping?


What’s Bigger California King Or Alaskan King?

Since Alaskan King beds are the largest mattresses, they will have a bigger dimension than California King Beds. The Alaskan king measures 108 by 108 inches, while a California King bed is only 84 by 72 inches wide. So which one should you choose if you’re looking for a giant mattress?

Get an Alaskan King bed if you have the space to spare and budget for it. It’s the best option if you value personal space as a couple. On the other hand, you might find it tricky to move, so a California King bed might suffice for you. 

Since it’s smaller, it will also cost less than an Alaskan King mattress. You will find an easier time buying a California King as well because most brands readily offer it. 


What Is The Best Affordable King Size Mattress?

You should expect that king-size mattresses will cost more, to begin with. However, some affordable options in the market can range from $675 to $750, a reasonable price point. You can also be on the lookout for discounts and sales from mattress companies to get a king-size mattress at a lower cost.



If you want to go full-oversized with your bed, get an Alaskan King mattress. But do you know where to buy Alaskan King mattress? You have to get it custom-made from companies and retailers because the enormous size is not readily available. 

You can check out companies that might also advertise an Alaskan King.


how to make my bed softer

How To Make My Bed Softer? 5 Best Ways!

If your bed turns out to be more like a bench, then you probably have a question in mind “how to make my bed softer?”

Or maybe you purchased a bed that too firm, or switched your sleeping positions to the side.

Maybe it’s your partner who is requesting a softer bed.

Whatever reason you have in wanting your bed to be softer, there are a lot of ways that you can do to achieve it.

and the good news is that they are all simple to do.


Different Ways I Did To Make My Bed Softer

I don’t want to keep you waiting, below are things that I did in my bed to make it softer.

You can consider these tips and see if they will work the same for you.

Here are the ways on how to make my bed softer:


#1. Breaking in the new mattress

In case you recently bought a new bed and you think that it is too firm, maybe, it just needs some more time for it to break slightly.

This is comparable to your newly bought shoes that need to be worn first.

To break it in, you just have to sleep on it every night.

But if you want to make the process quicker, you can walk all around it literally for a few minutes.

If you have kids, you can ask them to play with you by allowing them to jump on the bed.

The majority of the companies selling mattresses indicate that it will take more or less than 60 days before a new mattress can break in.


#2. Flipping the bed

In case your mattress is flappable, then maybe it’s time for you to flip it and start using the other side this time.

Some companies manufacture mattresses with varying firmness levels for every side.

In such a case, the flip side of the bed may be softer than the current side that you are using.

It is also recommended that you rotate the mattress every once in a while.

Doing so will prevent it to sag or indent permanently.

Permanent indentations often cause the bed to be firmer because its comfort layers are compressed already.

But the frequent rotation of the mattress will prevent it from happening.

That is because the heavier parts of the body such as your shoulder or hips will be concentrated on different spots.

But also take note that impressions and sagging can also be an indicator that it is already time for you to change your mattress for a new one.


#3. Checking the trial period

In general, mattress manufacturers have a certain trial period for their products wherein you can try out the new bed at your house before deciding on a purchase.

Commonly the trial period extends up to 200 nights or more depending on which company you get it from.

So in case you recently purchase a new mattress, try checking if it still falls under the trial period.

If so, you may be eligible to return it and get a refund.

What’s even good about free trials is that the company itself will go to your house and pick the mattress. No hassle for you!


#4. Getting a mattress topper for a softer bed

Speaking of mattress toppers, a lot of options are available for you online.

You can try checking Amazon as they have cheaper offers even if you get a whole new bed.

You can choose from different kinds of mattress toppers.

Some are designed in such a way that it can provide added pressure relief while other are for body contouring.

I recommend you get a thick mattress topper that is made of memory foam. But you might as well get a wool mattress topper or a goose-down mattress topper.

If you ask why? Simply because they are the softest kinds of mattress toppers.

Some people would opt for a mattress pad. However, mattress toppers can offer plusher. Plus, they are thicker.


#5. Try warming it up for more comfort

Some materials used for mattresses such as airy polyurethane or memory foam tend to be a bit sensitive to temperature.

Making the room warm is very helpful in making the bed softer.

To do this, you can try to adjust the thermostat, used flannel sheets, or a heated blanket.

Doing this can also make your bed even more comfortable.


It’s A Wrap!

So those are the ways that I tried on how to make my bed softer.

But if all of them still seem not to work for you, the last option is to buy a softer mattress.

You have to know that the level of firmness of your mattress is essential for the health of your spinal.

A bed that is too firm, worn out, or sagging can cause your body to be stiff, or worse, you will have trouble sleeping and this may lead to some other issues.

With that being said, it would be best to get yourself a new bed in case all the tricks and tips provided for you did not help.

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