How To Get Rid Of Mattress. 2 Best Ways To Consider

If you’re curious about how to get rid of mattress, you can either send it off or reuse it. This article will guide you on proper mattress disposal so that you won’t get in trouble in your community, and mother nature won’t hate you for it. With the tips below, you’ll also learn how to disassemble it for recycling or selling. 

It can be tempting to be lazy and throw your mattress in the bin. However, practice being a responsible citizen and learn the proper way to dispose of it. Maybe you’ll even get some money from your old mattress to buy a new one!

How To Get Rid Of Mattress


How Do You Dispose Of Mattress?


Send it off


To mattress retailer or company

Disposing of a mattress doesn’t immediately mean that you have to wait for it to get picked up by your local garbage truck. Your first option for disposal is to send it off to where you bought it. Some mattress companies offer to recycle old mattresses, so they certainly make reasonable consideration for disposing of your used mattresses. 

Not only are you helping lessen the waste on the environment, but you can check out some companies that will recycle the mattress for free and even partner with removal services. If not, you can ask the store where you bought your mattress if they’re willing to pick up your used one when they bring the new mattress. 


To the local garbage collector

For this option, picking up and disposing of an old mattress might require a fee, depending on your retailer. If the store you purchased your mattress from does not offer a removal and disposal service, try checking in with your community’s garbage collector or sanitation department if they will pick up mattresses. 


Disassemble and reuse

Other than sending the mattress you don’t need to the company or local garbage collector; there are many ways to reuse your mattress. First, you want to deconstruct it to eliminate the main bulk and deduce it into pieces. Then, you can separate the materials and find the ones that you can upcycle or even sell. 


Sell scraps

For example, you can gather steel from your mattress thanks to its springs. You can sell these scraps to your metal recyclers, or maybe you can find a use for these steel parts. And speaking of recyclers, check your mattress if it used natural materials like cotton and silk.



As for most of the mattress, which is foam, you can shred it and repurpose it around the house. Perhaps your pet needs a bed, or your room can use some extra cushions. Foam from mattresses can even transform into paddings for seat cushions and even as reinforcements around the house. 

You can use it as insulation or seal all the openings around the windows and chimneys. And finally, the wooden parts and small metal parts of the mattress can be reused for DIY projects and other decorations. Disassembling your mattress will not only provide you with these materials but will also reduce its size for easier removal and disposal. 


Who Picks Up Mattresses For Free Near Me?

As discussed earlier, you can check with your store or company if they will remove the mattress for you without a fee. Otherwise, there might be a junk removal service close to your area. However, this utility fee will vary, depending on the company, the mattress itself, or for additional services like home pickups. 

Some mattress companies collaborate with 1-800-GOT-JUNK, but you can also check if there is a mattress recycling center near you. It’s always a big help to the environment when you opt to recycle your mattress and lessen the landfill waste. But if you have no budget, you can check for organizations or shelters that might be willing to pick your mattress for free with the emphasis of it being in good condition. 


Can I Put A Mattress In The Dumpster?

As reminded continuously throughout this article, you must check with your community regarding mattress disposal laws. In some areas, there might be fines or tickets if you leave your mattress in the dumpster. And if your garbage truck will pick it up, there might be a schedule or a requirement for the mattress itself. 

For example, you may need to break down your mattress before throwing it out. To do this, cut the fabric cover and peel it off. Remove the foam until you’re left with the springs and frame. The smaller bulk will now be more comfortable to throw, even in a regular trash can. 



Do you have a mattress you no longer need? It can be frustrating to find out how to get rid of mattress because it’s not easy to throw away as other items. However, you can always send it to the company or your local garbage collector. 

You can even consider disassembling it first for more straightforward disposal, and as a bonus, you’ll have scraps to sell or recycle! The emphasis is necessary on checking with your community regarding the disposal of large items like mattresses. You may need to pay a removal fee in some cases, which is why it’s worth checking with your retailer if they can pick up your old mattress for you.