How To Make A Boyfriend Pillow. Best 2-Step Guide

Do you know that you can learn how to make a boyfriend pillow in just two steps? That’s right! Gone are the nights where you have to miss cuddles while watching a movie or relaxing in bed.

Not to confuse it with the husband pillow, a boyfriend pillow is a uniquely shaped pillow that you can actually lie with and simulate cuddling. Perhaps you need some happy hormones, or you’re missing your boo. Why not get a long-sleeved shirt and turn it into a boyfriend pillow? 

How To Make A Boyfriend Pillow


How To Make Your Own Boyfriend Pillow


Step #1. Design

Making a boyfriend pillow is easy, and you start by designing it on an extra-large flannel or any long-sleeved shirt. You can use your boyfriend’s shirt, mostly when you’ve been missing him, but even ladies who just want to have something to cuddle can use any cozy flannel shirt. After all, everyone can use some of the health benefits of cuddling



Mark the shirt next to the buttons and cut accordingly. Depending on your preference, you can use a fusion tape for the next step or sew as long the hem is secured. If you still can’t imagine the pattern, you’re aiming to use one side of the shirt with its arm to wrap around your shoulders and the body’s half for cuddling. 



A good pillow to use for your boyfriend pillow is a queen-size one. You can use it for reference to quickly cut a straight line from the shoulder seam. You can also skip cutting if you think you can create a pillow liner using the whole shirt neatly.


Step #2. Construct and stuff

The next step is to construct the boyfriend pillow with a sewing machine, by hand, or fabric tape. You’re making the bottom of the shirt, the collar, and one sleeve. The pillow will go on one side of the chest, and you’ll stuff the arm sleeve with your choice of material. 



You can sew the side of the pillow’s body where the buttons are, but make sure that you can easily remove the pillow inside when needed. You can also put the other arm inside the shirt for a neat finish. And as for the arm’s hand, use a glove filled with cotton and attach it in place. 



If you indeed cut a straight line from the shoulder seam to the bottom earlier, you must pin the cut side and sew, including the collar. Stuff the pillow inside the flannel shirt body using the buttoned side and follow the similar guide for stuffing the arm and attaching the cotton glove at the end. 


What Is The Best Pillow For Cuddling?

The boyfriend pillow is excellent for cuddling, whether you’re sitting on the couch watching TV or lying in bed. However, there’s no doubt that the best pillow for cuddling is a body pillow. It comes in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various body types and positions. You can get the long ones to support the whole body or even the C-shaped, L-shaped, and J-shaped pillows for targetting specific body regions. 



You also want to consider the pillow materials to find which are the most suitable for you. You want something supportive yet fluffy and conforming. Some good options include memory foam, polyfill, down, and feather. The key is to find the firmness and loft that will be comfortable. 



Furthermore, remember that if you cuddle a pillow during sleep, prioritize the proper sleeping posture. Your spine should be in a neutral position, and you’re not straining your neck, back, or hips. In particular, side sleepers will benefit the most with cuddling a pillow because you’re aligning your hips and discouraging pressure on joints.


Why Do We Like Cuddling With Pillows?



Have you ever been curious why we enjoy cuddling with pillows? One can look at it because cuddling provides comfort and relief towards loneliness or even makes up for bonds. Cuddling with a pillow is also beneficial for physical health and can alleviate discomfort, pain, and even sleep apnea conditions. 



Do you need to spoon with a pillow to fall asleep or feel relaxed? The pillow may trigger your subconscious to let you know it’s time to sleep or relax. It serves as an environmental cue to encourage soothing feelings. 



Some people also look at hugging a pillow as their constant. It may be ingrained in you during childhood as a sign of safety. Regardless of the reason, there’s no harm in cuddling pillows. 



If you have a queen-size pillow and an extra-large long-sleeved shirt, why not turn it into a cuddle buddy pillow? In just two steps, you can learn how to make a boyfriend pillow! Start by designing the shape in the shirt so that you’ll get the body for the pillow and an arm to stuff. 

You can even skip sewing and use fabric adhesives. Once done, simply put the queen-size pillow in the body and fill the arm with your choice of stuffing. Attach a cotton-filled glove, and you’re finished!

Remember that cuddling pillows are beneficial for health. It can alleviate discomfort and body pain and even encourage relaxation for better sleep. But besides a boyfriend pillow, you can also consider getting a body pillow made from your preferred materials.