How To Make A Bed Hotel Style? In 6 Easy Steps!

Are you aiming for a luxury-like theme in your room and interested in how to make a bed hotel style?

Worry less because, just like you, many people want to do this in their rooms and beds.

how to make a bed hotel style

With that, we are here to help you out in finding steps on how you should do this in the easiest way possible. 

One of the things that satisfy us when we go to a hotel is the bed. The ambiance gives out and the comfort it does have. 

But then we are not that rich to spend bags of money for hotel rooms every day to feel expensive and luxurious.

We can do about it to make our bed look elegant, and the hotel likes to fit the type of bed that we want.


Steps To Make A Bed Hotel Style 

When you want the feel or class of a hotel bed, you do not need to worry about spending a lot of money to sleep there.

Instead, you can do something with your room and your bed for it to reach the standards and level of a hotel bed. 

That is not magic, but you can work on it and patiently purchase the things you will need to achieve it.

It might cost you some money, but it is worth it since you are spending it on your bed and room.

So, how to make a bed hotel style?

We will list some steps below, and you can use these steps as the basis on how you can make your bed hotel-style.


Step #1. Picking of mattress  

To have a good bed, you bed to have a good quality mattress that suits your standard. Pick a soft and wide one.

A queen-size bed and mattress are perfect for you so that you’ll have a wider sleeping area, and it can add more volume.

If you want to, there are hotel mattresses sold online. You can look for it on some sites on the internet.

But any mattress, as long as you get the same comfort as to how the hotel beds made you feel, is already enough.

It is your preference that matters most.


Step #2. Bedsheets

The second step you need to do is pick a colored bedding or plain white bedding for elegance and sophistication.

Ensure that the color will go along with the color of your mattress and headboard—less hassle for you.

This will include the covers for your pillows as well. Everything should go along and complement each other. 

Pick a bed sheet with a good thread count, making sure that its quality is way better and more robust than the others.


Step #3. Layers          

Talking about the layers could be the best part of this article.

However, knowing that even your mattress alone is comfortable enough, we will add more.

Adding comforters or toppers with a softer touch for your back when you lay down is just so extra and satisfying.

You can go for white on this one, maintaining the simplicity and elegance you see in a hotel room.

In that way, you will not sink as you lay down on your bed.


Step #4. Pillows

This step could be the most exciting part of setting up a bed, and you can do some experiments on it.

You can have different sizes of pillows, but you have to make sure that it all goes along with each component.

The pillows’ colors should also contrast or complement the color of the bed that you picked. 

As for sophistication, maybe you can stay in the white, or perhaps you can have something like a nude or off-white one for pillows.


Step #5. Ensure the quality of your pillows

Make sure that your pillows are fluffed up and have a suitable thickness for you to enjoy your sleep every night.

That’s what matters when you go into hotels. They guarantee you a night to remember because of their service and things.

You can always ensure this by getting high-quality ones when you go shopping because it is worth its price. 

As for the layers and the mattress, this step also applies because they also need to be extra soft and extra comfortable for you. 


Step #6. Fix the room and add more detail

This last step might not be necessary, but you can also add pleasure to stay on your bed.

Seeing that your surrounding is aesthetically pleasing and in place, it will make the feels even better. 

Stuff at hotels is well arranged and in harmony, which is why fixing your room and adding details on it can improve it.

You can add frames, good curtains, candles and even minimal plants in your room to look good and livelier. 

Why spend your money staying in hotel rooms for a night when you can turn your bedroom into one?

This kind of projects will bring out the interior designer in you.

We hope that our tips helped!



That ends our article for today.

With that, we have answered, “How to make a bed hotel style?” You can now use this as your basis.