How To Hide Metal Bed Frame? In 6 Easy Steps!

Do you have a metal bed frame, and you want to know about how to hide metal bed frame?

To hide your metal bed frame, you definitely can add a bed skirt on the bed. But, you make sure it is covered and hidden.

how to hide metal bed frame

Worry less because we got you covered. A metal bed frame is prevalent nowadays since it is easier to travel than the other types.

It is also a lot cheaper compared to the other materials. But then there are times wherein this does not look good.

There are a lot of ways on how to make your metal bed frame look better. One of them might be the easiest way you could do it.

We will further discuss this later as we go through this article.

However, you have a lot of things to look forward to, so read on.


Steps To Hide Metal Bed Frame

So, how to hide metal bed frames?

There are so many ways to hide metal bed frames, but we can use one that is the easiest among all.

And that is putting up a bed skirt around the bed frame. It is not that hard to do, and it is more convenient than the other options.

To make this, we will help you out by giving you a guide with steps on how you should do it.

You can follow this or you could find more resources on the internet to make sure that this one is a great choice.

Listed below are what you need to make to achieve the hidden metal bed frame look you want.


Step #1. Decide on what you would want to happen

Earlier, we have said that we can put up a bed skirt as one of the easiest ways to hide our metal bed frame.

That is possible, and you can do it quickly, but it is not recommended because it sometimes can too problematic to make.

We have here a solution.

If you insist on using a bed skirt, you can buy one and install it, but it might not work and serve its purpose in the long run.

That is why we propose that you follow the option and steps we will be giving you.

And that is to have wood planks to hide your bed frame.


Step #2. Measurements

In making the wooden box, you will need to take the measurements of your bed frame to make sure that you will cover it.

You can use a measuring tape for this one. But find one that has a longer length to ensure that it can get the dimensions.

Start by measuring the width and the length afterward.

But you shod also get the tallness of the frame from the floor.

Please take note of the dimensions because you will need them on the next step.

Be very efficient in this step.


Step #3. Measurements to the wood

Lay your wood flat on the floor and apply the measurements you got from the last step making sure you place it right.

You can use a pencil to mark it if you want, or even a ball pen will do since you need a much visible outline.

Leave spaces between every platform when you draw it on the wood so that you won’t have a problem when you are cutting it.


Step #4. Cutting/sewing the wood

Cutting does not mean that you will use scissors to cut the wood, but you need to cut the pieces out.

You can have it on a leveled area or put it in between two stall chairs so that you can sew through it.

Make sure that you cut in the right area around it, and it is equally cut.


Step #5. Assemble the parts

You can then start assembling the parts of the bed box you have cut out earlier.

Use a drill to install it in your bed frame and a hole to insert the screw to secure it.

Try to assemble it on how it should look, and then you can proceed with the next step if you already figured out what to do.


Step #6. Paint the wood parts

After drilling and trying if it would fit perfectly, you can now do the finishing touches.

You can choose the color that you want. Then, you can either spray or paint it directly.

But then remember that the color should match the interior of your room and it should look good.

And then let it dry for a little while, making sure that it will not get messy when you put it back in the frame.

That is only to make it look even better and presentable. Elegance always should be a part of your room.

Have it play with harmony and class even when it is a DIY bed box.



That concludes our article. We had fun sharing our knowledge with you.

Hoping that you also enjoyed and learned a lot.

With that, we have answered, “How to hide metal bed frames?”

You can now try it on your own and see how well you can do with this challenge.