What Is A Bed Skirt? 2 Best Choice When Buying!

Do you know what is a bed skirt?

A bed skirt is a decorative fabric known as a dust ruffle, bed ruffle, valance, or a valance sheet.

what is a bed skirt

It is typically used to cover box springs since the bed skirt is placed; between the box spring and the mattress.

So, if you want to make your bed look more elegant and pretty, you can have bed skirts on it.

To fully understand what bed skirts are, we will define them and provide you with options to buy one.

Now, read on!


Knowing What Bed Skirt Is

So, what is a bed skirt?

We believe that the appearance of your bed reflects a bit of you or you’re aesthetic.

If you opt for a vintage look in your bedroom, adding a bed skirt under your mattress will surely complete the look.

Or if you want to make your bed look neat, then try it out.

Again, bed skirts are known to be a decorative piece of clothing to enhance the looks of your bed.

It turns any bed to appear polished and stylish.

You can see these on beds made of metal because they hide the metal frame inside.

Or beds with box springs to make sure it is not visible.

Not only in terms of designs and looks, but it also has another purpose that you can say is best.

Bed skirts can also minimize the chances of dust build-ups under your bed, and it also keeps it warm underneath.

This one is the sole purpose of bed skirts for people before as they used this decorative fabric to block drafts that make that makes the undersides of the beds cold.

It is a multi-purpose piece of clothing that can help you in so many ways.

That’s why it is a good investment for people like you since it has many good things to give out.


Where Can I Buy Bed Skirts?

Are you wondering now if where you can buy these bed skirts? Do not worry because we will help you out with this one.


Option #1. Grab from your locals

The first option for you is to buy this from your local stores.

This option is preferred as it allows you to inspect and look for the product face to face to ensure quality.

You will be able to compare the sizes as well.

Also, if you shop in malls or mattress stores, you can seek help and ask for a recommendation as to the store’s personnel.

For sure, they have a lot of knowledge about these things; you can get a second opinion from them.

Make sure to ask nicely but of course, remember that you are the one who will decide about it.

And of course, you don’t have to wait for days and weeks because you can take it home after you buy it!

Yet, this option is not suitable for our current situation. That’s why more people turn to online shopping.


Option #2. Buy online

The second option that you have is to buy online, which can be a good thing for the following reasons.

When you purchase online, you will have a wider span of shopping choices to the colors and design you want.

You really can explore the whole internet if you want to. In that way, you will be able to choose rightly.

The only problem is that you need to wait for a long time before it arrives at your home.

But worry less because the shipment is fast since a lot of people order online.

So the only thing you need to think of is the price.

One of the things that matter most is the price of the product you would want to buy.

It might be expensive depending on the quality and style that you will choose.

Some have been designed all over them, and some can also be just plain and simple.

It is also safer to order online, especially that there is an ongoing pandemic around the world.

People might not want to risk their life going out to buy and pick a bed skirt.


Is it necessary to have a bed skirt?

It depends on the situation, but as for everyday situations, it is not necessary to have a bed skirt.

Because it is typically used for decoration to enhances the look of your bed.

If you want to make your bed and room look presentable, maybe you can add bed skirts.

It can also help you temporarily hide metal bed frames if you would want.

The factor of it being a necessity depends on the owner’s perspective but as much as you can, have a bed skirt.

Bed skirts have so many uses, and from what we mentioned some earlier. So maybe you can take that as a basis.

If you want to know how to put on a bed skirt without the trouble of removing your mattress, then read this one.

That is all.



We made it to the end of this article. Have you learned a lot? We hope so.

As for the question “What is a bed skirt?” we have it answered, you can now move forward.

At least you know of it already.