How To Connect Sectional Sofa? The Best Methods

If you’re unsure how to connect sectional sofa at home, you have two methods to learn. They are the use of brackets and hooks. We will also help you assemble a sectional sofa with missing parts and teach you the best way to use connectors properly. 

Do you have trouble with keeping a sectional sofa together? We have written a separate article full of tips to ensure that your sectional sofa stays connected. Don’t forget to bookmark these two articles, and you should enjoy your sectional stress-free.

How To Connect Sectional Sofa


How To Connect A Sectional Sofa At Home

There are many ways to connect a sectional sofa easily, but the best method is to follow the instructions that come with your furniture. To give you a general idea of the different ways to assemble a sectional sofa, we will discuss how to use brackets and hooks. 



If you’re using brackets with hand keys:

  1. Arrange the sectional sofa accordingly and move the first two pieces together
  2. Line up the male side with the female side
  3. Lift the male side and lock it with the female side
  4. Repeat the process on the other side, so the brackets are secured and aligned


If you’re using brackets at the bottom:

  1. Position the sectional sofa in place with a gap between each piece
  2. Take out the brackets, so you’re left with a single prong and a fork-like hardware
  3. Align the brackets of the first two sections
  4. Press the fork-like part onto the wheel-like bracket until they’re locked in place


Gate hooks and eyes available at most hardware stores can also connect a sectional sofa. You only need to place them at the bottom of the furniture and work the hooks accordingly. However, it would be best to use hooks with a spring and a lock to prevent the sectional pieces from falling apart.

How to connect a sectional sofa with missing parts?

If you have missing attachments to connect a sectional sofa, you need to utilize other hardware pieces such as standard carriage bolts or metal furniture connectors. 

Standard carriage bolts

Connect the existing attachment plates of the sectional sofa with standard carriage bolts. Place a bolt in one end and slip its head into the matching panel. 

Standard metal furniture connector

Place a standard sectional couch connector under the bottom of the pieces. If you’re not familiar with the different parts of your couch, read this guide on how to take apart a sectional sofa to help you understand how they work. Meanwhile, read the step by step tutorial below on how to use sectional couch connectors properly:

How To Use Sectional Couch Connectors

  1. Determine the number of bracket you’ll need to join each section of your sofa
  2. Flip each sofa piece to see the bottom comfortably and check if the brackets will fit successfully
  3. Mark the position of the bolt in the couch frame and drill 
  4. Screw the bracket in place to attach the hardware to the sectional sofa frame
  5. Connect the hardware accordingly

How Are Sectional Couches Connected?

The most common hardware pieces that connect sectional couches are side-locking brackets and bottom-locking brackets. Here is how to use each of these connectors:

How to use side-locking brackets on a sectional sofa

  1. Arrange the sectional sofa but leave a gap in each piece to help you work their connections
  2. Push the first two pieces together and align the male side of one to the female side of the other
  3. Lock the male side above and in line with the female side
  4. Repeat the process on the opposite end
  5. Finish the whole sectional sofa by working in sets of two

How to use bottom-locking brackets on a sectional sofa

  1. Arrange the sectional sofa but leave a gap in each piece to help you work their connections
  2. Pull the brackets on the bottom of the first two sofa sections
  3. Align the brackets and push the single-prong part onto the fork-like piece
  4. Lock the connection in place and repeat until you connected the whole sectional sofa

Do All Sectionals Connect?

There are different types or configurations of sectional sofas, but they all connect the pieces. The sofas will only differ in how you’ll assemble the parts, whether by needing special hardware or by simply sliding them together. 

Modular sectional sofas

The most common type of sectional sofa is the modular couch. This is a piece of stationary furniture, which means you can’t change the positioning or configuration of the elements. 


L-shaped sectional sofas and chaise sectional sofas

A favorite of homeowners is the L-shaped sectional sofa because you can use the L-shaped couch in the corner of the room.  There is also a more straightforward configuration called the chaise sectional. Think of it as a traditional sofa with an ottoman on one side. 


U-shaped sectional sofas

The biggest sectional sofa has a U-shape configuration. This type allows many seaters to use the couch because of the arms that face each other. 


Curved sectional sofas

If you want your sofa to be the focal point, your best option is the curved sectional. However, this configuration requires considerable space. 



If your sectional keeps sliding off, you must check or reinforce its attachments. In this article, we have taught you how to connect sectional sofa the best way at home. You can either use brackets or hooks, but there are sectional couch connectors if you have missing hardware. 

Nonetheless, you must always check the instructions for your specific model to ensure that the pieces will stay together.