How To Inflate Coleman Air Mattress In 2 Easy Steps

You can master how to inflate Coleman air mattress in just two steps! However, it’s still essential to read the proper method because you don’t want to damage the air bed accidentally. More so, the specific model you’re using might have special instructions. 

We will also talk about how you can keep your air mattress from deflating, along with other valuable skills every air bed owner should know. So what are you waiting for? Continue reading so you can enjoy your air mattress the soonest!

How To Inflate Coleman Air Mattress


How To Inflate A Coleman Air Mattress


Step #1. Preparation

Please always consult the instructions that come with the specific Coleman air bed you have before anything else. There are 13 models from Coleman, and it’s best to follow any indications that yours may have. Coleman also offers hand and electric pumps, so you can select which you think fits your needs. 

Once you understand the instructions, lay your air mattress on the ground to prepare for inflation. The emphasis is necessary on checking the surface if it is free of any sharp objects that can damage your bed. Now that you confirmed it’s safe, unfold your air mattress and spread it out; the edges should be flat. 


Step #2. Pump

The valve should be located at the side, and you can remove its cap by pulling the valve cap lanyard. To ensure that the pump’s connection and valve are secured, you must use the proper adapter nozzle. Your mattress can require a specific adapter, and it should be easy to fit onto the valve to receive the pump. 

Insert the pump and turn on the switch or start manually if you opt for a handpump. As your mattress is filled, you have to be mindful not to overinflate it. Stop pumping once your reach the ideal inflation, and then push the nozzle into the bed to keep the air from leaking before detaching the pump from the valve. 

Finally, close the valve on your air bed, and you’re done! A point worth remembering is to be mindful of where you’ll keep your air bed. Even tight spaces or somewhere close to heat is too risky for the material. 


How Do You Inflate A Coleman Air Mattress Without A Pump?

As discussed in the two-step guide above, Coleman offers hand pumps and electric pumps for inflating their air mattresses. But is it possible to inflate your air bed if you don’t have a pump? It might be helpful to know some hacks in case you have no pump within reach. 

You can use your vacuum cleaner for starters if it has a reverse setting that blows air and not sucks it. You can also remove the vacuum cleaner bag and use the pipe directly on the mattress. You might find adapters that can connect the vacuum nozzle to the mattress valve more securely. 

Another household item that you can use to inflate an airbed is a leaf blower. Connect the air outlet of the model onto the mattress valve to the trick. Both methods will be slower than when using the right pump, but keep them in mind if you have no pump to blow up your Coleman air mattress. 


How Do You Inflate An Air Mattress For Camping?

The most convenient way to fill up an air mattress during camping is with its corresponding pump. However, the lack of electricity on the site would be your biggest challenge, so your best option is to use a battery-operated pump or a manual air pump. There are also pumps that you can plug into your car.

You can plug a DC inverter into your car’s cigarette lighter and then connect the pump to the inverter. If you can’t have a vehicle near you, there are battery packs that should work well for most pumps. Finally, a portable air compressor should also work well for an air mattress if you have no air pump.


How Do I Make My Air Mattress Not Deflate?

You should regularly check your air bed for leaks from damages, ripped seams, tears, or holes. But if you notice that your air mattress tends to deflate quickly even without these issues, there are practices that you might be doing. For example, some products shouldn’t be used immediately after filling them up. 

You should also never over-inflate an air bed because it can rupture the seam or strain the material. Eventually, the worn-down material can cause the mattress to deflate quickly. And did you know that temperature also affects air bed deflation because the air inside condenses in cold conditions?

Finally, you might speed up deflation if you always have concentrated pressure on the air mattress. Sitting or jumping on an air bed will cause it to lose structure. 



Coleman air beds are one of the most popular ones in the market. If you’re unsure how to inflate Coleman air mattress, it should be as easy as attaching a Coleman air pump to the mattress valve. Your model may require an adapter to ensure a secure connection, and that’s it!

If you have no pump at hand, you can also use a vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower. However, it will be more tedious and time-consuming. Overall, always consult the manual to ensure that you won’t accidentally damage your air bed.