How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating. 2 Best Ways

If you want to master how to keep air mattress from deflating, you have two techniques to try! It cannot be enjoyable if our air mattress loses its structure as it can also affect our overall comfort. And if you didn’t find any leaks, you might be making habits that encourage the mattress’s deflation. 

Besides the solutions, this article will also teach you what causes air mattresses to deflate and how you can avoid them. So what are you waiting for? Continue reading below and learn the secrets for air mattress care!

how to keep air mattress from deflating


How Do You Keep An Air Mattress Inflated?


Maintain room temperature

A memory foam mattress is not the only temperature-sensitive bed because air mattresses also respond to room temperature changes. You must avoid fluctuations in the conditions of your bedroom to ensure that your mattress stays inflated. In particular, you’ll notice your air mattress deflating during cold weather. 

This is the condensation of the air inside; hence, the mattress will lose its structure. You’re also at a higher risk of developing tears on the bed when the air gets low. Temperature plays a significant role in air mattresses because it affects the air pressure and density. 

Your mattress is noticeably softer at night or when it’s cold. So what can you do to keep it from deflating? A useful tip is to maintain the room temperature when you fill your air bed and then keep that range throughout the night. 


Keep equal pressure distribution

The second and perhaps the most obvious culprit of air mattress deflating is unequal pressure distribution. Remember that consistent pressure and weight will stretch the air bed’s materials. This can lead to tearing and leakage, which of course, makes your mattress lose air. 

Upon getting your new air mattress, please read the instructions and indications carefully and follow them. A practice that users commonly overlook is how to fold an air mattress, so be sure to understand the directions for that as well. And over time, you have to be mindful of how you use your mattress. 

Only lay flat on the bed and never sit or use one specific area because it can wear down the mattress and cause holes. If you refrain from sitting on one end, for example, you’ll ensure that there’s no consistent pressure on that part of the mattress. Furthermore, laying flat is an encouraged practice since it creates a better weight distribution on the mattress. 


Other considerations to keep your air mattress inflated

Some other tips to remember include choosing an air mattress that has the ideal weight capacity for you. This will ensure that your mattress won’t lose air due to the user exceeding the maximum weight capacity. You can also check products with a second pump. 

Some of the latest air beds use a second silent pump that will ensure that your air mattress stays inflated. It senses leaks and will pump air accordingly. A final quick fix you can do if issues still arise is to deflate your mattress every morning. 

A newly inflated bed before you sleep will ensure that it stays in top condition, but this can be a hassle to keep doing. More so, there might be some other factors that you missed why your mattress keeps deflating.


Why Does My Air Mattress Keep Deflating?


Is your area puncture-free?

You have to consistently check for tears and holes on your air mattress if it still deflates after you do the tips discussed. You might have overlooked some objects in the room that could puncture the bed. Furthermore, your mattress should have enough space to keep it from being squeezed. 


Did you let your air mattress stretch during the first use?

Don’t make the mistake of not letting your air mattress stretch naturally for the first couple of days. Your air mattress will have an adjustment period from your repeated inflating and deflating, and the materials have to stretch to do so. Let the bed stay inflated for three days but don’t sleep on it, and this practice will also ventilate the newly bought air mattress. 


How Long Should An Air Mattress Stay Inflated?

Earlier, we have discussed how a quick solution to keep your air mattress from deflating is only to inflate it when you’re about to use it at night. Of course, this puts it in optimal form, but it can be a hassle to do regularly. This practice might also put tension on the seams and cause tears. 

Therefore, replace your air mattress if the practices above still caused no improvements. As for the duration of keeping your air mattress inflated, a quick guide to remember is to deflate it when not in use. You can keep it inflated for the usage duration, but deflate it for storage and if it’s idle. 



Air mattresses are comfortable and versatile, but what if it loses its structure? You must understand how to keep air mattress from deflating yourself to ensure that you’re well-supported. The first way to do so is to check the room temperature and maintain it to keep the air from condensing. 

It would be best to practice equal weight distribution on your mattress to prevent wearing a specific area down. If these techniques don’t work, consider using a bed that uses a pump to keep it inflated all night and ensure that nothing punctures it.