How To Make An Air Mattress Look Like A Real Bed? 3 Steps

How to make an air mattress look like a real bed?

Are you having guests staying overnight? I know you probably are thinking now about how you will provide them the maximum comfort at your home.

How to make an air mattress look like a real bed

Well, it should always start with a comfy bed.

And who told you that an air mattress could not do better at this?

An air mattress can provide an inviting and relaxing to your basic guest room.

It can be a comfortable space to sleep the night.

However, if you want to continue using it night after night when your guest leaves, you would need to do something to make it comfortable, like a real bed.

In this post, we will be discussing several ways to how you can make an air mattress more luxurious and comfortable.


3 Steps To Make An Air Mattress Look Like A Real Bed

Follow the easy steps below on how to make an air mattress look like a real bed:


Step #1. Put beddings on the air mattress

To make an air mattress look like a real bed, you need good quality bed sheets, bedcover, and pillows to complete the bed’s look.

Moreover, you need to position it where the mattress touches the wall, just like typical beds.


Step #2. Arranging the bedding 

When arranging the beddings, make sure that any hint of an air mattress underneath will be completely hidden.

In case you are having difficulties finding a fitted sheet that will cover the entire mattress, you may use a flat and large fabric.

Then, secure the cover by using some sheet suspenders.

But in doing this, you have to make sure that those suspenders will not cut the plastic bed.

After that, put on a comforter or a comfortable quilt. Then, add at least four pillows and an extra blanket.

Since air mattresses can get very cold at times, it is essential to put some additional blankets.


Step #3. Choosing the linens

Now when it comes to selecting then linens for your bed, you have to opt for something that can blend well into the room.

It should match up the color scheme too.

Moreover, it would be good to choose solid layers designed with some patterns because they can provide a decorative effect to your bedroom.

Plus, such patterned linens will not overpower the knickknacks and artwork in your room. Instead, it would simply compliment them.


Additional Tips To Make Your Mattress More Comfortable

If you want to achieve a comfier and plushier air bed mattress, you can apply the following tips:


Tip #1. Place the mattress on a softer surface

Doing this procedure is very easy and straightforward.

Other than that, it is also a fast way of improving your inflatable mattress overall quality.

You need to place it on a softer surface because the bottom layer of an air mattress is usually made of vinyl.

Such material is not going to work best on rigid surfaces such as a hardwood floor.

With that being said, you need to place a rug or a mat underneath it.

For sure, your sleeping quality will improve.

It is also a good remedy if you are often disturbed by the noise of your air mattress.


Tip #2. Adding a mattress topper

One of the most economical methods that can improve the bed’s overall quality is placing a mattress topper over the bed.

This tip is helpful, especially when you won’t like to sleep on an inflatable mattress’s rubber surface.

Perhaps what you have are those low-quality solutions, then you must have felt that it is somewhat uncomfortable to sleep on its surface.

Luckily, you can solve all those issues by acquiring a mattress topper, for it can maximize the bed’s coziness.

Even regular beds would feel better if placed with a mattress topper.

You want to check this article to learn more about mattress toppers.


Tip #3. Pillows are important

Using proper pillows when sleeping is proven beneficial, so getting the appropriate and good-quality pads for the bed is essential.

This one is also true for traditional beds.

No matter how expensive your mattress may be, you will still face some sleeping issues if you have inappropriate and uncomfortable pillows.


Tip #4. Placing it on a box spring

Placing the inflatable mattress onto the box spring can substantially improve the comfort of the bed.

Applying this tip will also help get in or out of bed quickly and easily without much effort needed.

The reason behind this is that the bed’s overall height will increase.

With that being said, using a box spring is not only for comfort, but it will also offer convenience.

All of that can contribute to getting a night of quality sleep.


It’s A Wrap!

Sleeping on an air mattress alone can cause different comfort issues.

One example is the lack of temperature regulation that often results in air leakages or back pain.

You might also feel too cold or too warm into it.

Luckily, there are several ways on how to make an air mattress look like a real bed.

Applying those tips and following the steps above, your mattress will not only feel like a real bed, but it will also look like it.