How To Hang Swag Curtains With Knots At Corners? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to hang swag curtains with knots at corners? Then you have come to the right place!

In this post, we will be teaching you how to do this using the easiest steps possible.

how to hang swag curtains with knots at corners

For sure, you will love your new window treatment.

That is because swag curtains drape loosely onto a drapery rod due to the flowing materials used for them.

Usually, the fabric used in making swag curtains is sheers.

But you can also achieve various looks by combining curtains with varying lengths, colors, and fabrics.

You may add a set of blinds or another valance beneath these swag curtains to have more privacy.

Although it is said that attaining the perfect look of a flowing swag curtain is not that hard.

But since its material simply drapes on the rod, it tends to come loose.

So knotting it at the corners will prevent the swag curtains from falling.


What Are Swag Curtains?

But before we answer your question on how to hang a swag curtain with a knot at the corner, let us know first what swag curtains are.

So, swag curtains are fabric pieces that slung loosely and beautifully drape over a curtain or decorative rod.

They might as well coil over a tieback at every corner of the window frame. These add romance and style to the room.

You can hang these swag curtains in various ways. But among those, the most common one is the simple swag.

For this look, the swag curtain will drape at the center just like a valance.

Its ends may either be hemmed or cut off diagonally to hang down softly on every side of the window.

According to designers, swags are excellent for achieving glamorous country-style or cottage bedrooms.

That is because the sheer fabric can offer softness and romance to your window treatment.

A swag curtain alone can’t offer that much privacy, so you need to combine it with other types of window treatments.

For instance, you may layer it with shades, shutters, blinds, or curtains.

Swag curtains are also a great alternative for drapes on a canopy bed.

You just have to wind it over the post of the bed and allow it to gracefully drape around the corners of the frame of the canopy.


Steps To Hang Swag Curtains With Knots At Corners

Now that you already know what a swag curtain is let us now jump into the steps in hanging them with knots at corners.

So, how to hang swag curtains with knots at corners?

These steps are simple and easy to follow.


Step #1. Arranging the fabric

You have to arrange the swag curtain in such a way that its width will be gathered together.

Make sure that the material is thin and long.

If the fabric has iron pleats, you have to ensure that the pleats will be folded up carefully so that they will hang beautifully onto the curtain rod.


Step #2. Marking the center of the fabric and the curtain rod

Now, you have to fold the fabric lengthwise into half to locate its center because this is where you should insert the safety pin.

Also, start measuring the length of the rod to locate its center and use a tiny piece of masking tape to put a mark.


Step #3. Aligning the center points

Align those two center points by matching the safety pin from the fabric and the masking tape from the rod.

Now, lay the fabric onto the top of the curtain rod while allowing its two sides to hang down onto the window.


Step #4. Creating the swag

In this step, you have to carefully pull down the middle of the curtain to create a swag.

In case your curtain rod is very long, you may try making 2 or 3 areas that will hang down.

You may also weave the curtain behind and in front of the rod to add more swags.

If the fabric is a bit slippery and it does not stay on the curtain rod well.

You can insert a small safety pin between the front as well as at the back of the swag.

Doing this will hold the material together onto the rod.

But make sure that the pin will not be visible.


Step #5. Adjusting the swag and creating a knot

You need to adjust the curtain and the swags to make sure that they are both hanging equally on the sides and if the swags look the way you want.

Grasp one side of the curtains that is meeting the end of the curtain rod. Then, fold the curtain in half to create a loop.

Now, pull the side that is hanging through the loop in, creating a knot that is a bit loose.

Do not pull it too tight because the material might bunch up.


Step #6. Tying them altogether

Now, it’s time to tie knots on both sides of the curtain.

Once done, push the curtain rod onto a back loop.

Finally, adjust the placement of the swags and the knots.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you already know how to hang swag curtains with knots at corners.

For sure, you can attain the feel that you want for your room.