How To Match Curtains? 6 Interesting Tips!

Are you wondering how to match curtains? Don’t fret! We’re here to help you; all you have to do is follow the tips that I’ll share with you.

Well, curtains are inevitable. I guess all of us here have curtains at home, whatever purpose it may serve.

how to match curtains

That’s why I can say how crucial they are for our homes.

Curtains are not just placed for aesthetic purposes, adding colors to your place.

But, they are also excellent in either blocking or giving off the light to your room.

Luckily, there are many options in the market. On the other hand, it can be challenging to choose the best and perfect match.

With this being said, we’ll show you how you can match curtains according to your needs and wants.

Without further ado, let’s start!


Tips To Match Curtains

You can’t get a curtain and hang it. So, you should know the different tips on how to match curtains at home.

Here are a few:


Tip #1. Know the difference between a curtain and a drape

You should not be confused about a curtain and a drape; these things are not the same.

After determining the difference between one from the other, you can select what you’ll need.

This process is critical, especially as to the functionality of these things.

Mainly, if you have that thing made of lighter materials, it’s a curtain. You usually hang it in a curtain rod.

A curtain is sure to give you privacy, though not the most. It’s typically used in the living room.

While if you have that thing that is thicker, then what you have are drapes.

Given its material, it’s perfect for blocking lights from getting into your room.

Due to this functionality, it’s a perfect option for bedroom use.


Tip #2. Select the right fabric you want and need

Here’s the thing:

The looks of your curtains mainly depend on the kind of fabric they are made of.

There are many fabric kinds, such as sheer lace, brocades, heavy velvet, and cotton.

Know your wants and needs; from there, you can choose the fabric for your curtains.

There are many considerations to take note of, such as the amount of light you want to enter your room.

Let’s say you want to get rid of the light; then you can get a fabric made of thicker materials.

Also, you should consider the mood you love to set in your place.

At the same time, determine what décor suites your taste.


Tip #3. Choose the curtain color

Then again, your preference is important in this process.

Yes, there are recommended colors that may suit your interiors- one that complements your walls, furniture, and decors at home.

At the end of the day, the discretion still lies to you.

As mentioned in many articles, your curtains can either make or break your design.

Also, it may be contrasting or harmonizing your home’s décor.

So, be careful when choosing the curtain color.

Perhaps, the main consideration when choosing a curtain’s color is the wall.

That being said, choose a color that complements the color of your wall.

Look at the color wheel; it can help a lot!


Tip #4. Choose between solids and prints

First off, you should take a look at your room, like literally!

Then, if almost all of the things in there come in solid colors, you must have a printed curtain.

On the other hand, if almost all things are printed, you don’t have to overdo it. Instead, choose a plain curtain.

It would help if you remembered that printed ones add to the visual weight. And it’s true to any element.

For this reason, you need to place furniture that complements it. Solid-colored items are the best options, such as cushions, rugs, and more.


Tip #5. Determine the length and width

As you can see in magazines, curtains that are too long- one that is completely set to the floor- are in vogue.

For a more touching and dramatic look, opt for longer curtains. When I say long, a few inches is enough.

But wait! It’s not always the best option, such as when you have children at home.

Not only will long curtains lead to slippage, but they may also be damaged easily.

Just a tip:

Opt for shorter curtains.

Anyway, the decision is for you.

Furthermore, in getting the width of your curtain, you need to determine the measurement of the door’s molding and windowpane.

Get the frame’s measurement, then multiply it by 2/2.5.

You may think that there’s an extra; you can use this for emphasis, especially when your curtain is drawn back.


Tip #6. Place accessories

Don’t dwell on plain and boring curtains.

You can try to add some accessories to them.

For sure, doing so will make your curtains look more amazing and beautiful.

You can have pull-backs, ornaments, or maybe valances.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you already know how to match curtains.

Don’t forget to follow each tip with love.

For sure, you can make your home a beautiful place to live in.

Thanks for matching your curtains!

Until then, my friends!