7 Simple Steps on How to Swag Curtains

Unlike other curtains, Swag curtains are attractive and catchy, especially in the sitting room. Why then do people learn how to swag curtains? Simply because they want more!

They wish to spice up their interior decor and add extra beauty to their sitting room and bedroom to make them outstanding. How to swag curtains is something anyone who’s very ready can venture in and come out successfully. 

How to Swag Curtains

What do you Require to Swag Curtains?

You need materials, for instance, drapery materials, needles, thread, sewing machine, ladder, scissors, and pins. Spare a little time and follow the steps below, and you will get to learn how to swag curtains. 


Steps on Swaging Curtains 

Step #1: Make the Curtains to be Swaged Available 

This step is the first step to take. Remember, what we’re learning is how to swag curtains. Therefore, you need to get ready the curtains you need to swag. Depending on the type of material the curtains are, it is advisable to obtain a light material to ensure a beautiful outcome.

There will be a difference in using thick material as curtains and using light material as swag than having light curtains and using thick material as swag curtains. You use the former because swag you are making the swag with the light material.

Step #2: Take the Dimensions of the Windows and Materials 

Without this step, there is no way you can get proper parameters even to know where you can fix your swags. Hence, measure the length of the windows where you will place the curtains.

Measure the length of the curtains. Furthermore, take the swag’s length and width measurements and keep these records intact since they will soon be applied. 

Step #3: Place the Curtains on a Flat Board

Do not forget that we haven’t done anything on the curtains yet. Lay the curtains on a flat smooth surface and get the pins by your side. Get as well materials you will use to swag curtains by your side as well. 

Step #4: Pleat the Curtains and Ensure they’re at an Accurate Distance 

Once the swags materials are ready, pleat the curtains and ensure that you will use the same distance for all you’ve done. This process is to make your work look impeccable and attractive too. 

Step #5: Fix the Swags in Between the Pleats 

This step is where we will take the shape of the swag. Since the pleats are ready, get that swag, fix them in between the pleats. The distance between the two pleats should not be more than 3cm.

You fix the swags to the curtain using pins. By the time you finish this step, move on to the next stage. 

Step #6: Get the Sewing Machine and Seaming Materials Ready

Resort to the sewing machine, or in case you do not have, do not panic! Get the thread, pass it to the needle and keep it ready. Be very careful at this step because any mistakes made here will take a few hours to be corrected. 

Step #7: Finish up by Checking if There are Faults and Cleaning the Rough Edges on the Curtains and Swags

This step is the finishing step. Your curtains have the swags on them, and then you’re looking out for mistakes on measurements, pleats on the curtains, rough edges, and seam.

Once you finish this step, try hanging the swaged curtains so that you can appreciate your good work. 


What is the Goal of Adding Swags to Curtains? 

As I said earlier, swaged curtains look more attractive than ordinary curtains that have nothing added to it. These days, people go for not just what they can afford but what will be remarkable. Buying swaged curtains are not as cheap as ordinary curtains.

Because of the way you make swag curtains, they look more exotic. Therefore, you have known that you can do it. Get materials ready, follow the steps above, and you will get to a point where you won’t be able to regret why you tried something new. 


Where can Curtains be swaged? 

Often, people ask me this question to be sure of what they want to start. It is good that you have asked. Well, there is no such perfect place or company or industry where you can swag curtains.

Of course, they should have a large and wide room for those really into the production where all the materials and space are available.

You only need space, material, and follow the steps on how to swag curtains above to get a good swag curtain for yourself. 



As you have seen, how to swag curtains is one thing you should try. Once you already have curtains, you can visit thrift stores and get yourself an instant light fabric material to add to your curtains to make them look very different, most importantly, exotic.

The cost of buying new swaged curtains is expensive, so you rather spare a little dollars and your time and get on with the business, and with the steps above, I know you will get a perfect swaged curtain.