How To Make Rod Pocket Curtains With Lining? 11 Easy Steps!

If you are interested to know how to make rod pocket curtains with lining, you’re in the right place.

A lined curtain with rod pockets can fulfill both practical and decorative roles in a room.

how to make rod pocket curtains with lining

That is why a lot of people like to make one.

You only need 11 easy steps to follow!

But before that, let us know what is a rod pocket curtain first.


What Is A Rod Pocket Curtain?

So it is a style chameleon that can fit in any decoration scheme.

It can be made out of any material, from luxurious sheers to drapery fabric to fashion fabric.

They can also come in all patterns and colors, so you can surely choose the one that will complement the style of your room.

Not only that, but rod pocket curtains can also fit most if not all sizes and shapes of windows.

If you put this up as under-curtain, it can help increase the privacy of a room. It may also increase the heat control of your other window treatment.

But rod pocket curtains can also stand alone.


What Is A Rod Pocket Curtain With Lining?

A rod pocket curtain with a lining is usually hanged onto a decorative curtain rod. This is commonly used as a valance or as a stationary panel with full length.

That is why this type of window dressing can frame your window thereby highlighting the outside view more.

Aside from that, it also makes a window look larger than it actually is.

Rod pocket curtain with lining is also made shorter. It typically hangs from a swing-arm type of curtain rod.

Making this type of window treatment is good for beginners as it offers them a very functional project for their first sewing project.

This is a nice start if you want to explore the world or home decorations sewing projects.


Steps To Make Rod Pocket Curtains With Lining

Now that you already know what type of window treatment is this, we can already move forward to your query on how to make rod pocket curtains with lining?

The procedure is very easy; just ensure to follow all the steps below.


Step #1. Measure the circumference

You can start by measuring the circumference of your curtain rod.


Step #2. Install it

After that, you can install the rod onto the place designated for them on the wall or your window.

Make sure to mount the external edge of the bracket close to the finials. The closer the better.

Measure starting from the bottom of the curtain rod towards the length that you desire for the curtain.


Step #3. Measure the width

You should also measure how wide the curtain rod is.

Do this starting from the inner side of the bracket’s end towards the other end.

Then, take down the curtain rod to get rid of one finial.


Step #4. Get the scissors

This time, you need to get your scissors to cut the fabric into a size that is equal to twice the rod’s width.

For its length, it must be equal to the desired length measured earlier plus another six inches, which will be intended for the hem at the bottom.

You should also add half a rod’s circumference plus another inch.

For instance, if the circumference of the curtain rod is four inches and its desired length is 40 inches.

Then the cut of the fabric length must be 40 inches plus six inches plus two inches and another one inch for a total of 49 inches long.

For its lining, you should cut it as wide as the fabric.

Its length must be equal to the fabric length minus three inches.


Step #5. Hem the fabric

Start hemming the face of the fabric up at about three inches and then press to create a crease.

Stitch the hemming in place.

Then hem up the lining for about two inches and also stitch them in place.


Step #6. Position the fabric

Position the fabric and the lining with their right sides facing together.

Make sure to align their upper edges.

Then sew them by providing a half an inch allowance for the seam.


Step #7. Sew all the side seams

You may start from the bottom towards the top.

Their distance must measure about half a rod’s circumference.

Also, sew, allotting half an inch allowance for the seam.


Step #8. Now you can press those side seams

Turn under the face fabric for about a 3-inch allowance and sew in place by hand.


Step #9. Run the curtain

In this step, you have to run the right side of the curtain out and press all the seams flatly.


Step #10. Draw a line

Now draw a line from one side to another starting from the top towards the bottom of the seam.

Its distance must be equal to half the circumference of the rod.

Then sew across the line to create a rod pocket.


Step #11. Arrange

Finally, you have to change the final and then evenly arrange the pleats across the curtain rod.

To complete this window treatment project, you have to reinstall the rod.


It’s A Wrap!

And that’s it; this is how to make rod pocket curtains with lining.

You can now start with your project given that you already know how to make a rod pocket curtain with a lining.

It’s easy and simple, right, so for sure, this project will only be a breeze for you.