How To Get An Adjustable Bed For Free? 3 Easy Steps!

How to get an adjustable bed for free?

There are some steps you need to follow if you want to get a free adjustable bed.

All the tips and tricks are listed below.

Free adjustable beds are just limited offers by big companies.

This event only happens when the company is having a big sale or getting rid of its old stocks.

Usually, you do not get it for free.

Instead, it would help if you bought something to avail a promo.

In that way, the company will still profit from their other products to not experience a deficit.

Moreover, Mattress Firm is one of the most famous companies that offer this kind of promo.

Their last offer of this limited free adjustable bed was in the year 2018.

To learn and know more about free adjustable beds, keep on reading!


Steps To Get An Adjustable Bed For Free

You cannot avail of something if you are not doing anything.

Thus, you need to be aware of what to do for you to achieve what you aim.

So, how to get an adjustable bed for free?


Step #1. Explore

Explore the internet sites, blogs, and the like for updates about availing of free adjustable beds.

This step will help and guide you on what to do.

Moreover, it guides you on when, where, and how you will get it.

Furthermore, you can visit different furniture stores and malls.

Ask their staffs if they have of they will be having a sale shortly.

This step will help you gain awareness and updates, so you could prepare yourself since, primarily, a promo is limited.


Step #2. Make sure if the promo is legit

Sometimes, there is a lot of fake news circulating in our society, specifically in the internet world.

Thus, it is crucial to be mindful of the different information read.

If you tend to be fool by fake news, maybe you will spend a lot of money rather than availing yourself of the bed for free.


Step #3. Do the requirements to presented by the company

Usually, companies do not give free adjustable beds without getting any profit.

If this will happen, their company will lose a lot of money and may cause bankruptcy.

For example, in the Mattress Firm, you need to purchase a king or queen-size mattress to get the free adjustable bed.

So you will only spend $500 on a mattress, and you will get an adjustable bed for free.

With this kind of marketing strategy, both sellers and consumers benefit from it.

If you fail to purchase or to send the requirements, then there will be no free bed.

And there you go!

You are now able to avail yourself and get a free adjustable bed.


Advantages Of Getting A Free Adjustable Bed

There are some advantages when you avail gifts like adjustable beds.

Here are the following:


Best sleeping experience

You will experience sleeping with one of the most comfortable beds existing in our society.

Adjustable beds provide you comfort and help you achieve your desired sleeping position without any hassle.

An adjustable bed helps you relax your body, reduce muscle pain, and improve your heart circulation.

Thus, by getting a free adjustable bed, you will be able to rest in a luxury bed that has a lot of health benefits.


Can save your pocket

Since it is free, you will only spend less or even zero of your money.

You can save your money for other things such as blankets, mattresses, and the like.

It lessens your financial problem and could help you save for the future.


Help increase the sale of the company

As consumers, it is also our responsibility to help our sellers or manufacturers.

Thus, as we avail these kinds of promos, it will increase the company’s sales and make their name famous.

People will recognize them, and more buyers will visit their store as they offer different promos that help buyers save money.


Disadvantages Of Getting A Free Adjustable Bed

Despite all the advantages that free adjustable bed has brought to people, there are also disadvantages.

Listed below are two disadvantages:


Broken product

Sometimes, companies give out their products for free because it is old or worse broken.

So, yes, you get it for free, but it is worthless and adds up garbage to your household.

This situation will make the buyers disappointed and won’t trust again to the store or the company.

Thus, this is a loss not for the customer but the manufacturer.



There are times that companies let you purchase something, and they promise to give free products.

However, they tend to let you wait for nothing.

Thus, you are a victim of a scam as you receive nothing from them.



There is no such thing as free in this world.

To avail freebies, you need to buy or do something.

You need to remember the steps and the advantages and disadvantages above to help you in the future.

In addition, this information will serve as a guide for you not to expect or trust something.

Overall, you can get a free adjustable bed by availing of promos from different companies; just wait for their announcements.

And that is “how to get an adjustable bed for free?”

I hope you learned something!

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