Who Invented The Tanning Bed? | Interesting Facts To Know!

People start seeking solutions to make their lives even better, just like the person who invented the tanning bed.

Some dermatologists, cosmetologists, and chemists innovate lotions and ointments to protect the skin against UV rays.

who invented the tanning bed

But the quest for better protection against the sun does not stop there.

One great inventor has come up with an excellent idea to use tanning techniques in fighting the heat of the sun.

In the age of modern technology, you can already achieve a long-lasting tan while not directly exposing yourself to the heat of the sun.

This was made possible through tanning beds.

But who is the proponent of such an amazing technology?


How Are Tanning Beds Invented?

Before we get straight to the proponent of tanning beds, you must know what it is first.

Well, it is a device that is designed with numerous fluorescent lamps.

It emits UV radiation, thereby allowing you to obtain an artificial tan.

A lot of people engage in cosmetic tanning.

That is because this is an efficient method to tan your skin without staying under the UV rays longer.

A person’s complexion can be easily changed by the pressure, radiation, and solar of the tanning bed.

This can happen in as fast as three minutes.

A great mind accidentally discovered this amazing invention.

Let us look back at how this was made possible.

In 1906, a German company named Heraeus dealing with therapeutic practices had discovered how fluorescent lamps could impact the skin.

Essentially, the lamps emit UV lights that are supplying vitamin D to the skin. The idea started here.

They concluded that those particular lamps could artificially produce a tan.

In other words, the remarkable invention has started with a mere coincidence.


Who Invented Tanning Beds?

Friedrich Wolff is a well-known German scientist; he designed the very first tanning bed.

And the amazing thing here is that he used the theory of the effect of fluorescent lamps on the skin.

Specifically, the ability of the lamp to increase vitamin D has motivated him to create a system that reflects the lights to produce an even tan all over your skin.

Since then, tanning beds have been a trend that people patronizes even up until now.

People like the fact that they can bathe in the sun longer.

They are also satisfied with how this reliable, easy, and quick cosmetic tan can produce optimal results.

Wolff has then passed down this discovery to Jeorge – his brother who continued the magnificent effect of a tanning bed.


Introducing The Tanning Bed Inventor

So, who invented the tanning bed?

The interesting theory about fluorescent lamps and the invention of the tanning bed itself has earned Friedrich Wolff his title.

He has been known as the father of indoor tanning.

Wolff was the founder of the study on the reflector system as well as indoor tanning equipment.

Since he has thought about the idea, he has never stopped pursuing the lamp tanning technology.

In addition, the Wolff system has enjoyed its 30-year existence in the dermatology, salon, and indoor tanning industry.


How Do Tanning Beds Work?

You can achieve an even skin complexion with the help of a tanning bed.

These days, a lot of salons offer different treatments involving artificial tanning.

All thanks to the exemplary invention of Friedrich Wolff of tanning beds as well as his theory that paved the way for tanning artificially through a reflector system.

As explained in dermatology, tanning occurs when the light bulbs on a tanning bed emit radiation wavelength and pressure.

These two resemble the natural UV rays.

Most often than not, it is recommended that a tanning treatment should combine 5-percent UV-b and 95-percent UV-A.

This the safe and moderate tanning measure to bathe in 5 minutes.

The UV-A wavelength is the one reaching the skin surface, while the UV-B wavelength is penetrating beyond the skin layer.

The fluorescent lamps embedded on the tanning beds emit those lights entering the skin through the dermis and epidermis layer.

Basically, tanning takes place during the pigmentation process.

Furthermore, it happens as the amount of melanin in the skin increases.


It’s A Wrap!

Tanning the skin has become a trend in the cosmetic industry since the treatment does not involve being under the sun’s intense heat.

The epic invention of Friedrich Wolff has indeed made it easier and quicker for people to acquire a tan.

Other than providing a solution for achieving the complexion that you like.

A tanning bed also makes an individual more confident to walk under the sun.

Through this amazing device, a person’s skin can be transformed instantly into an artificial tan.

Using a tanning bed is proven safe.

In fact, it is still patronized in modern skin treatment due to its reliability.

With this, you no longer need to apply sunblocks or sunscreens when going to the beach since it offers even longer protection against UV rays.

So if you want to bathe in the sun longer, you can increase your skin barrier and melanin using this magnificent solution.

Not only that, but you can be proud of your complexion even more.

All thanks to Friedrich Wolff, who invented the tanning bed and let us all enjoy all of its amazingly stunning effects.

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