Why Is My Adjustable Bed Beeping? 4 Amazing Tips!

One of the most frequently asked questions related to an adjustable bed is “Why is my adjustable bed beeping?”

The sudden incessant sound may alarm you of an issue in your adjustable bed.

Why is my adjustable bed beeping

However, you may not be aware of how to fix it or what causes the beep.

That may be a problem since the root of the technical issue can develop into significant issues if left unsolved.

And that is why this article will provide you with various possibilities to find the cause and even some solutions to solve your bed glitch.


Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are one of the most innovative developments in the bed industry!

It has been created majorly for the elderly who may be experiencing back problems due to old age, affecting their sleeping habits.

The adjusted settings of the bed are to help set the bed to their preference and reduce aches for better sleep.


Benefit #1. It helps relieve prolonged pain

The target audience of an adjustable bed is older people, but it is also highly recommended for people who suffer aches, especially in the back area.

Sometimes, these aches are caused by staying put in the same position and limiting your body’s movement.

Therefore, this strains your muscles and putting them under a lot of aches.

But thanks to the adjustable bed, you can change the height of your bed to incline your position.

And with that, you relieve the pain you feel from sore muscles because of lying down for too long.


Benefit #2. Better flow of blood

As previously mentioned, the strains between joints and muscles will be relieved due to position changes.

Similar to that, a variety of positions will allow blood circulation to flow better without the nuisance of an overused part.

In addition, a change in angle will trigger a more simultaneous flow.


Benefit #3. A well-rested night

With all the two previous benefits combined, the relief of chronic pain and a better internal flow that may also regulate the body temperature, better sleep is ensured.


Benefit #4. Personal preferences

It is nice to go under your fluffy covers and binge-watch your favorite shows all night.

Though not completely necessary, an adjustable bed may prove to be more comfortable and safer for your midnight sessions.

Lying on your bed may be harmful to the eyes and damage your vision.

A reclining one allows your body to remain comfortable but will not interfere with your experience and even improve it.

Sitting on your bed may prove to be uncomfortable after a while and even damage your back.

The reclining bed allows you to sit back and relax and enjoy the show.


Benefit #5. Fresh after a day of work

Another amazing benefit of the adjustable bed is that it allows you to elevate the upper part of your body and the lower area.

Who said only your back needed a bit of reclining?

After several hours of walking and standing all day, your feet will end up swollen and exhausted.

This product has the perfect solution for that!

It will allow you to raise your feet through another one of its adjustments.

Raising your feet relieves the exhaustion from it and thus, allows you to destress it faster.


Reasons Why Your Adjustable Bed Is Beeping

And this portion will answer your question, “Why is my adjustable bed beeping?”


Reason #1. An official signal that your remote is synced with the bed

In assembling an adjustable bed, the remote is one of the essential counterparts, for it will serve as the brains of the whole operation.

It will control whatever happens with your bed, and the unique features make this bed different from others.

Now, in assembling a remote, you may be required for a specific type of battery (base on the manual) and then program the controller.

Finally, you may hear a beeping sound to confirm that your remote is connected to the bed and is ready for use.


Reason #2. A form of alarm ringtone

Most reclining beds, if not all, has a feature that allows the user to time their sleep.

That is kind of like an alarm clock attached to the bed as a special feature.

You may have set some timer on the bed. The beeping is an alarm meant to bring your schedule to your attention.


What To Do When Your Adjustable Bed Is Blaring?

Before you identify your solutions, please remember that you must locate the cause of the problem.

You may destroy other components if you happen to miscalculate the damage and end up worsening the issue.


Tip #1. Leave it alone

If this is a mere confirmation of your remote sync process being complete, do not bother touching it.

The signal will stop after a while once it has made you aware.


Tip #2. Dismiss the alarm

If this is a set alarm, dismiss it using a button on the remote.

If you cannot identify it, kindly refer to the manual for the remote button functions.


Tip #3. Troubleshooting

If you cannot identify the cause and it hasn’t stopped even after a long time, refer to a troubleshooting website or contact in the manual or package box.

Once you contact any of the following, wait for a response and follow the instructions given.

Make sure to keep your warranty, just in case.


Tip #4. Reset it

Every gadget has a reset mechanism that allows the user to restore its settings to default.

This one is kind of like a cheat button to remove any more distress over the beep.

The reset will almost entirely cease all functions to bring it back to zero.

Here is how you reset your bed, click here.

Caution: this may not always end up solving the problem. Better refer to the professionals.

Nevertheless, to learn more about adjustable beds, especially how to put on sheets, this article is perfect for that.



Adjustable beds are amazing conveniences that have made life simpler, especially for elder folks.

However, it may not be very easy, especially for beginners.

Don’t worry! Just follow the instructions, and everything should go with the flow.

And that is for “Why is my adjustable bed beeping?”

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