What To Do If Your Hair Dryer Falls In Water? 4 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering what to do if your hair dryer falls in water? Do not attempt to recover it without weaning gloves if it slips into the water. Disconnect the hairdryer firstly. After that, wipe the water and let your hair dryer dry.

When your hairdryer is dry, throw it away or bring it to a repair shop to be fixed. It’s terrifying to drop a hair dryer or any other electronic item into water. It’s because, when you’re not attentive, electrocution might occur, resulting in severe harm or death.

what to do if your hair dryer falls in water

So yes, my friends, it’s all true about it. But it is not enough to understand everything to do if the dyer falls into the water. For getting the complete information read this article at the end! Let’s take a look at what you’ll do if your hair dryer becomes wet.


Steps To Do If Your Hair Dryer Falls In Water

So, what to do if your hair dryer falls in water? Whenever your electrical gadget falls in the water,  it might be hazardous. This is because water is a good conductor of electricity, that’s getting the hairdryer from water is harmful to both yourself and your appliance. It’s critical to keep a cool head if your hair dryer falls into the water suddenly. Allowing your emotions to get your dryer and take control is not a good idea. Using your bare hands to remove your hairdryer falling in water might be pretty harmful. Instead, make sure your hands are dehydrated before moving on to the following step. 


Step #1. Unplug your hairdryer

When an electrical device drops into water, it can transport electricity by interacting with the water. If you get in touch with water, you might pass this power to your body. As a result, it’s critical to turn off the power to avoid the electricity in your hairdryer from reacting with the water anymore. So when the hair dryer falls into water, the first thing to do is disconnect your dryer from the wall socket to avoid any electric shock.


Step #2. Draining water

Now, what do you do now that you’ve unplugged your hairdryer and are stuck having an inactive hair dryer and the water it’s dropped further into? You can’t be sure that the water is suitable to contact at this time. It’s essential to keep in mind that security comes first in instances such as these. If the hairdryer has landed in the basin or the tub, ensure the fluid is permitted to dry. This must naturally occur and promptly if the basin or bathtub was disconnected.

If your basin or tub is clogged, though, see once you can unscrew it without contacting the water. Again, this is dependent on the kind of basin or bathtub you have; several of them feature a button that you may press to discharge the water. You’ll have to remove the stopper to keep moisture from draining manually in some instances. Allowing your basin or bathtub to drain gently is doable if you really can unplug it manually. Need not try this when it needs you to make contact with the water using without wearing gloves


Step #3. Change the hairdryer

Allowing your basin or bathtub to drain gently is doable if you really can unplug it manually. Need not try this when it needs you to make contact with the water using without wearing gloves.


Step #4. Get rid of your hairdryer

After doing all these steps, you have to do this final step when all of the water has been drained, and the hairdryer has already had drying time. If the steps mentioned above do not help you make your hairdryer work appropriately,  The best option would be to trash the hairdryer since you cannot promise an electrical item exposed to water to be secure. Whether your hairdryer looks brand new from the outside, it is better not to use it again once it falls into the water.

However, you may take the hairdryer to an expert to be mended. It is critically important you do not undertake this without the assistance of a skilled expert. It’s because a hairdryer is numerous little separate pieces that can easily fall out of position, rendering the hairdryer hazardous or unusable. Suppose you opt to have your hairdryer evaluated and fixed with an expert who certifies that it is used properly. In that case, you can resume using your hair dryer as you use it regularly. However, if the hairdryer is outdated and ineffective, upgrading your old dryer may be more cost-effective with the branded new dryer. 

In case you want to change your hair dryer, you have to know the important things to look for in a hair dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

We were hoping that you enjoyed this article while reading it. We were happy to know that you all learned what to do if your hair dryer falls in water? Well, if your hairdryer drops into the water by mistake, before getting it out, make sure that you have done all the steps mentioned above. It’s better to trash your old dated hairdryer once it falls into the water because once any electrical appliance falls into the water, it will not work correctly again. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! Read related articles; know how to clean a hair dryer and how many watts does a hair dryer use.

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