What Does LD Mean On My Whirlpool Washer? Important Facts You Should Know!

What does LD mean on my whirlpool washer? That will be our topic in this article. If an “Ld” sign shows on the screen, the washer drains the water too slowly. The word “Ld” means “drain pump system malfunction,” or if you put out the words, it’s an extended drain.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that the drain could reach the standpipe, which is 4.5 feet tall, and it could go over. To fix this, check the plumbing for proper drain hose installation and use drain hose form to secure the drain pipe or tub.

what does ld mean on my whirlpool washer

Remember not to place tape on the drain opening. If the end of the drain hose is higher than 96, lower it “(2.4 m) off the ground. The drain hose should be clear of any blockages. Let us explain further the process as you read on.


What To Do?

An “LD” error on your Whirlpool washer indicates a problem involving “long draining,” which means the draining process is longer than usual. Or, the most logical explanation is a pump failure.

Whirlpool washers come with a built-in diagnostic program that can help you figure out if the pump is broken. On the other hand, you might want to read about “What does 5d means in Whirlpool washer” too. Regardless, you can use a second method to confirm if the pump is faulty:

  • Start your unit and leave it there on standby mode
  • Within a five-second time limit, press “Soak,” “Soil Level,” “Soak,” and “Soil Level;” That will activate the self-diagnostic program of your unit
  • Wait for the self-diagnostic program to finish in 90 seconds. Then, your unit will start to fill the drum with water, then recirculate it before draining it
  • Take notice of the digital display. It will show if the pump is malfunctioning
  • Let the washer run a cleaning cycle
  • Now, go to the back of your washer and listen when it’s time to drain it. The pump is no longer functional if you don’t hear a humming sound emanating from the washing machine’s lower rear
  • If both tests are negative, the pump should be replaced by a professional


Related Questions

You are now knowledgeable of our topic, “What does LD mean on my whirlpool washer.” That is explained further in this article, “My whirlpool washer is displaying an LD error.” On the other hand, we will answer some questions about a washing machine.


What is washing machine calibration for?

Samsung is a popular brand of modern gadgets such as phones and tablets. Now they also manufacture smart refrigerators and washing machines. Samsung washing machines have this innovative function to detect the weight of a load of clothes placed inside.

That improves the energy efficiency of your Samsung washer and saves you incredible amounts of water. On the other hand, the washing machine also uses calibration mode to indicate when the unit is ready to detect your load.


How to reset a front-load washing machine?

The first thing you must do is unplug the unit from the power source or shut off the circuit breaker. And then press the START/PAUSE button and hold it down for at least 5 seconds. And finally, plug in the washing machine to start up.


Why isn’t my Whirlpool washer spinning out all of the water?

If the washing machine won’t get rid of all of the water and you are still left with damp clothes, the drain pump may be clogged or defective. It could catch a foreign object in the pump or the washer’s drain hose. You can check the drain pump and test it to see if it still works.


What should you do if your washing machine won’t drain or spin?

Check the drain hose and pipe for obstructions. Let’s see what happens if we put the washer on spin mode. If the drain is still not working, switch off the washer, remove the drain hose from the standpipe, and inspect for a blockage at the hose’s end. Lint or debris can accumulate in this area and obstruct drainage.


What’s the best way to unclog a washing machine drain pipe?

To unclog a washing machine drain, disconnect the drain pipe and pour hot water to dissolve the soap and scum. Push a plumbing snake down the drain for persistent obstructions. And turn the handle clockwise if you feel a clog as it travels down; this will grab the debris and allow you to pull it out.


What’s the best way to remove the water from the bottom of my washing machine?

Disconnect the drain hose to remove the water from the very bottom of the washing machine. To empty the machine of water, put the drain hose on the floor drain. Place it down as low as you can. Remember that the amount of water in your washer could range from 5 to 10 gallons.


The Best Way To Empty My Washing Machine Of Standing Water?

  • Let the washer drain, instead of complete obstruction, and it could have a slow outflow
  • As you drain the water, arrange multiple buckets or bowls to catch it
  • You need to have access to the main access panel after unplugging the unit
  • Direct the drainage hose to the floor drain or point it to the first of buckets or bowls you lined-up earlier



What does LD mean on my whirlpool washer? Once again, if you see the “LD” error code showing on a Whirlpool washer’s display, it usually signifies the drain period is too long, and there’s an issue with the drain hose installation or an object inside the hose.

In most circumstances, to fix the washing machine, you’ll need to make sure the drain hose you installed is correct and accessible. But there are times that all it takes to fix your washing machine is stretching out a kink in the drain hose. It’s easy! Regardless, here is another article you might enjoy: “How to use a washer?”

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