How To Disinfect Leather Sofa: The Only Best Way

There are three steps you can check to learn how to disinfect leather sofa correctly. We will talk about the best practice to discourage the growth of germs and microbes on your favorite leather furniture. And if you think disinfectants are safe for leather, continue reading below. 

But why do we need to sanitize the leather sofa? Proper disinfection of the couch is crucial for our health because it’s used often. However, learning how to disinfect the sofa will require different techniques according to the material you have on the furniture. 

how to disinfect leather sofa


How Do You Disinfect A Leather Couch?


Step 1. Ventilate the room

Open the door and windows of the room to allow air circulation. This will help with reducing viral particles and also one of the effective ways to deodorize a leather sofa. You also want to always work in a well-ventilated area when using cleaners on leather furniture to help it dry and avoid mold growth, which is another health hazard. 

Another maintenance practice that you can do for your sofa is to take it outdoors now and then. This is applicable for all materials, but only if the weather is not damp or humid. It’s also unnecessary to place the sofa directly under sunlight as it can fade the upholstery, especially leather. 


Step 2. Wipe the leather couch

Give the sofa a quick vacuum to remove the particle build-up on the surface and crevices. Some people are also allergic to dust, so it’s best to clean the couch while wearing a mask. Once done vacuuming, wipe down the furniture with a damp cloth instead of spraying it with liquid that can saturate the leather. 

Make a cleaning solution with water and non-acidic soap at a 3:1 ratio. Some soaps have antibacterial properties, so you can wipe off the germs effectively on the leather sofa as you clean. However, always test the damp cloth on a small spot of the sofa and see if there will be any reaction after a minute or two to avoid damaging the material. 


Step 3. Air-dry the leather

After sanitizing the leather couch, remove the soapy residue with another cloth dampened with warm water. Some also mention hot water but remember that leather can get ruined under high temperatures. If your leather is exposed and you genuinely need to disinfect it deeply, you can quickly use hot water or a blowdryer. 

Do not prolong the heat exposure on the sofa. After the cleaning, air-dry the couch thoroughly. And finally, do not forget to condition and moisturize the couch with the right leather product to prevent damages due to dryness. 


How To Disinfect A Fake Leather Sofa

If your leather sofa does not use genuine leather or that sourced from animal hide, you might be dealing with pleather or PU leather. Because it is made of plastic, you don’t have to be as meticulous in disinfecting it. It is not porous like genuine leather; it won’t get ruined when used with alcohol cleaners. 

  1. Vacuum the faux leather couch thoroughly
  2. Mix equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol and pour it in a spray bottle
  3. Mist a soft cloth with the alcohol solution and wipe the sofa all over
  4. Allow the couch to air-dry

Can You Use Lysol Wipes On A Leather Couch?

It’s better to steer clear from disinfecting wipes or even disinfectant sprays for cleaning and sanitizing the leather sofa. Remember that leather reacts like skin, and such products’ components can dry, fade, or stain it. You also risk damaging the coating on the leather’s surface that protects it. 

Can You Clean Leather With Vinegar?

White vinegar can act as a disinfectant, but you must use it on the leather sofa with care, much like alcohol. Remember that these liquids can dry out leather sofa if used for an extended period. But if your sofa is exposed and needs a stronger solution, you can dilute the vinegar with water and work it on the couch with a soft cloth. 

Remember always to squeeze the excess liquid on the cloth and work in sections. Then, remove the vinegar residue with another damp cloth followed by a dry cloth to hasten the drying process. And finally, condition the sofa to restore moisture. 

Can You Clean Leather With Alcohol?

Alcohol is the proper disinfectant, especially when dealing with risky furniture conditions such as cleaning mouse droppings from the sofa. However, you must use rubbing alcohol on leather carefully as it can dry the material or damage the coating and dye on the surface. Dilute it with water and only use the solution if truly needed. 

Is There A Disinfectant Spray For Leather Furniture?

There is no specific disinfectant spray for leather because popular disinfectants like Lysol, rubbing alcohol, or even vinegar can dry the material. However, you can always keep the leather couch germ-free by cleaning it regularly with a vacuum and the proper leather cleaner. Make it a habit to also ventilate the room to lessen the viral particles indoors. 


And that’s it! In this article, you have learned how to disinfect leather sofa correctly, and it’s revealed that you will use a soap solution to do so. Its antibacterial properties will allow you to wipe the germs and microbes off the surface.

However, the emphasis is necessary on using vinegar or rubbing alcohol only if it’s essential. And finally, remember always to moisturize your couch afterward to avoid damaging the material. 


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