How To Clean Mouse Droppings From Sofa In 3 Steps

There are three steps to knowing how to clean mouse droppings from sofa the safest way. You will start with soaking the area, and then remove the droppings. This tutorial will also discuss the proper disinfection practices for mouse droppings on furniture. 

As gross as it is to handle mouse droppings, it’s something you must address as soon as possible. In the meantime, get an exterminator if the issue is recurring. We also recommend making a sofa cover to protect your couches in the long run. 


How To Clean Mouse Droppings From Sofa

How To Clean Mouse Droppings From Sofa Safely


Step 1. Do the precautionary practices for cleaning up rodent droppings

Before cleaning the mouse droppings, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you trap the rodents for a week. This will ensure that the active infestation is over before you handle the droppings. By this point, enough time has passed, and the droppings are no longer infectious. 

Since you’ll be using a bleach solution for disinfection, open the doors and windows in the room to ventilate it. Afterward, you also want to leave the area open to allow fresh air to enter. Then, you’re ready to wear protective clothing, including a face mask and a pair of latex or rubber protective gloves. 


Step 2. Soak and remove the droppings

Disinfect the area with mouse droppings using one part of bleach for every ten parts of water. Allow the solution to soak the couch for five minutes before you proceed with the removal of droppings. After five minutes, remove the mouse droppings by picking them up with a damp towel. 

Be sure that you discard the droppings in the bin properly to avoid potentially contaminating other house areas. Then, use the same bleach solution to scrub the sofa.  


Step 3. Disinfect thoroughly

Wash the couch thoroughly, or if possible, steam clean the upholstery to ensure that it’s cleaned from the rodent exposure. Sofas with removable covers should be washed in hot water and laundry detergent as well. And finally, wash and throw away the gloves you’ve used before washing your hands with soap and water. 

Afterward, disinfect your hands with rubbing alcohol. Do note that cleaning mouse droppings from the sofa might be a sign of rodent infestation. Contact a proper removal company to know the ideal practices to prevent potential exposure to diseases transmitted by rodents. 


Do Lysol Disinfect Mouse Droppings?

Lysol can be helpful in disinfection when removing mouse droppings because it is a phenol-type spray. More so, the US Department of Veterans Affairs noted that the proper way to clean rodent droppings is by a wet method, including spraying with Lysol. You will soak the affected area with Lysol for five minutes before removing the droppings while wearing gloves. 

But why do you need to clean mouse droppings wet? Soaking the affected area with a disinfectant can prevent producing dust. This is especially crucial when handling fresh mouse droppings that may cause hantavirus to be transmitted into the air. 


Is Vinegar A Disinfectant For Mouse Droppings?

Use a proper disinfectant such as diluted bleach, alcohol, or even Lysol instead of vinegar. Vinegar works better as a cleaner than as a disinfectant, which is the product you want to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Since mouse droppings put you at risk for contracting hantavirus, the best way to clean them is with a commercial disinfectant or diluted bleach as recommended by CDC. 


What If I Vacuumed Mouse Droppings?

Never sweep or vacuum mouse droppings as these practices can lead to hantavirus exposure. Rodents primarily spread hantavirus, and it can cause a fatal respiratory disease. By vacuuming mouse droppings, including their urine and nest, you risk disturbing the virus particles that can become airborne. 

You can contract the virus particles when breathing, which is why you must soak the droppings and infected areas with water and bleach before removal. Alberta Health Services also recommend aerating the room for half an hour before starting your clean-up. And when disposing of the mouse droppings, put them in a sealed plastic bag before throwing them into the lidded garbage container. 


Can You Get Sick From Cleaning Mouse Droppings?

It’s probable for humans to get sick from cleaning mouse droppings because they can be exposed to virus-contaminated dust. However, this isn’t something to be scared of as long as you’re doing the recommended practices before, during, and after cleaning. For example, ensure that the area has good airflow before you clean.

Never vacuum the mouse droppings that can cause dust, and afterward, wash your gloves before removing them. It’s much better to use a disposable pair to lower the risk further. Lastly, disinfect your hands with soap and with rubbing alcohol later. 



If you are dealing with rodent infestation in the house, do not forget to check the couch. In this article, we have discussed how to clean mouse droppings from sofa safety, and this involves following the practices recommended by CDC. First, aerate the room and wear gloves and a mask before cleaning. 

Then, soak the feces and the affected area with diluted bleach for five minutes. Dispose of the droppings properly and disinfect the sofa once more. Be sure to wash your hands afterward as well. 

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