How To Remove Odor From Leather Sofa In 3 Steps

You can learn how to remove odor from leather sofa in three steps. In this short yet complete guide, we will teach you the safest way to deodorize the leather couch immediately. We will also discuss some tips if your new leather has an odor. 

Are you familiar with cleaning leather sofas with baking soda? Besides stain removal, this handy household item is actually effective for freshening the couch. Read more about it below!

How To Remove Odor From Leather Sofa


How Do You Get The Smell Out Of Leather Sofa?


Step 1. Vacuum the sofa

Before deodorizing the leather couch, you must vacuum it first to remove the build-up of dust and other particles. Use the proper upholstery attachment to reach the cracks and crevices. Use this opportunity to check the couch for damages and repair issues before applying the cleaning solution in the next step. 

Did you notice shallow markings on the leather? Don’t worry because it’s easy to repair scratches on the leather couch. However, a piece of very worn-down furniture might be better replaced rather than fixed, and its odor might be because it already needs replacement. 


Step 2. Wipe with vinegar

After vacuuming and repairing the issues on the leather sofa, you can proceed with removing the smell. You might be familiar with using vinegar to remove gum from the couch, but did you know that this kitchen item is not only for stubborn messes? Vinegar can also deodorize the leather sofa safely because it neutralizes the smell. 

Mix half a cup of water and half a cup of distilled white vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray your leather couch evenly and let it sit for several minutes. Some even recommend wiping the vinegar directly on the leather sofa with a soft cloth. 

However, the emphasis is necessary on testing the vinegar on a small portion of the leather before using it thoroughly. Not all leather types are the same, and some might dry up with substances like vinegar. 


Step 3. Condition and clean the sofa as usual

Vinegar should be safe for most leather sofas, but its acidity can be drying to the porous natural material. Therefore, never overlook using a leather conditioner afterward. The leather-formulated conditioner should restore your leather’s look and prevent cracking. 

You can also clean your leather sofa using the proper leather cleaner and then use the conditioner. Never apply other DIY cleaners on the leather, as some may do more harm than good. If your couch is white, read this tutorial on how to clean a white leather sofa


How Do You Get Rid Of Bad Leather Smell?

Besides wiping or spraying the leather couch with vinegar, another effective yet safe solution is sprinkling it with baking soda. This method is especially effective if you suspect that the bad leather smell comes from dampness. The baking soda not only neutralizes and lifts the odor but should also soak the excess moisture in the leather couch. 


  1. Sprinkle baking soda all over the leather couch and let it sit overnight
  2. Vacuum the baking soda off and dry the couch further
  3. Do not expose the leather to direct heat or sunlight as they can fade the material
  4. Place the sofa somewhere ventilated to freshen it
  5. Cover the leather sofa with fabric to protect it from odors and spills

Can I Spray Febreze On Leather?

There are various ways to use Febreze, but it’s better to avoid spraying it on leather. While leather is one of the most durable materials, you must only use specially formulated products for it. You risk developing cracks, peeling, or fading with some chemical reactions. 

The same concept applies to using other sprays and fresheners. They might contain ingredients that are incompatible with leather. However, some sprays are safe for fabrics, and you can use them on your leather sofa’s slipcovers instead. 


Is New Leather Smell Dangerous?

Do not worry if your new leather has a smell because it’s not a health hazard. It’s uncommon for people to develop irritations and reactions, but you still need to ensure that your leather is of high quality. Only get leather products from reputable brands because cheap leather might contain irritating synthetic materials. 

Once the new leather product arrives, let it breathe outside but out of direct sunlight. You can also read the instructions recommended by the brand for the practices to get rid of the new leather smell. Using baking soda or even saddle soap should hasten the deodorizing process.


Why Does Leather Smell Like Poop?

Improper care and maintenance will cause your leather to smell like manure. Remember that genuine leather comes from animal hide, and being a natural material makes it likely to break down. Be sure to clean your leather correctly and avoid getting it wet with different substances. 



Did you know that there are household items you can use to freshen leather? This article discussed how to remove odor from leather sofa using vinegar and baking soda. They are safe household ingredients that can neutralize and absorb the smell of leather. 

But for musky odors, check this guide for how to get the urine smell out of the sofa. We also recommend testing any product on a small spot on the couch before using it all over. 


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