How To Deflate Embark Air Mattress? In 4 Easy Methods!

Embark air mattress is one of the most convenient yet budget-friendly beds you can have, which you can use either indoor or outdoor that’s why you should know how to deflate embark air mattress.

Its materials are puncture-proof and water-proof because it is made from a thick PVC that makes it durable to withstand outdoor activities.

how to deflate embark air mattress

But after having a good time using it, in the end, the question would always be, how to deflate your Embark air mattress?

Air mattress has been available for the past decades. Its popularity has grown ever since until today because it is a great solution that can save your time and money.

It is a great backup bed to use whenever there is an insufficient bed for visitors, and you can use it during picnics or road trips to make your experience comfortable.

Continue reading below to know more about the preparation and steps to deflate the Embark air mattress.


3 Steps In Preparing To Deflate Embark Air Mattress

Properly deflating your air mattress would help you increase its longevity and would take up only a small space when you store it.

Before you deflate your air mattress, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared.

Here are three steps that you need to in preparation for deflating your mattress:


Step #1. Find a flat and hard surface

The importance of having a flat and hard surface is, it stabilizes your air mattress while it contains a lot of air and is under high pressure when deflating.


Step #2. Remove beddings on your air mattress

You should remove pillows, duvet covers, and mattress toppers before you deflate your air mattress.

To make your work easier and see things clearly, you need to make sure that there are no such things on your air mattress.


Step #3. Beware of sharp objects

You need to be aware of your surroundings and everything that is on your air mattress.

There must be no sharp objects near your mattress like scissors and cutter before deflating it to avoid ripping it.


Different Methods To Deflate Embark Air Mattress

Now that you are ready, you need to know that there are different ways that you can do in deflating your air mattress.

The process of deflation depends on its design.

In Embark, there is an air mattress with an internal pump. But some need to use an external pump, foot pump, or without using any pump at all.

Here, you can learn how to deflate Embark Air Mattresses using different methods.


Method #1.  Internal pump

This kind of air mattress is designed for effortless inflation and deflation because there’s already a built-in pump.

The first thing you need to do to turn the pump to deflate mode. Then, let the pump do its magic.

Usually, it will only take a minute or two to deflate fully. After that, you can switch it off and store it.


Method #2. External pump

For an air mattress that doesn’t have an internal pump, you can use a separate pump, given that you’ll follow these steps:


Step #1. Locate the air valve

There are two openings in an air valve.

The wide one is for deflation, and the smaller one is for inflating the mattress.


Step #2. Hook the nozzle

Attach the nozzle of your external pump to the wider opening of your air mattress.

Step #3. Turn on your external pump

Once you turn on your pump, it will automatically suck out the air inside the mattress to deflate.

If you want to speed up the process, you can add pressure to the mattress by squeezing the air out.

Method #3. Foot pump

If you happened to have the old-fashioned foot pump, it is still possible to deflate your air mattress.

Note that there are two kinds of air valves; to attach the nozzle, you need to place it in the inflating valve while moving the hose of your pump to the deflating valve.

Then, you can start stepping on the pump, and the pressure will suck out the air from the mattress.

You can also speed up the deflating process by applying pressure to the mattress with your hands.


Method #4. No pump

Having no pumps at all can still deflate your air mattress.

Good thing you have your body parts. Make sure that you open the air valves before applying pressure.

Then, begin to use your body weight to push out the air out of the mattress. It might take a long time, but it can still make the work done.


Final Words

You now have the answer to your question on how to deflate Embark air mattress.

Before deflating, follow the steps for preparation.

Then, remember to know the design of your air mattress.

Those with an internal pump are the easiest to deflate, and if your mattress doesn’t have one, you can use an electric pump or foot pump.

Here’s a piece of advice, consider your pump as an investment because it will make your work easier and faster.

But if everything is not available, use your body weight; it works!