How To Inflate Air Mattress With Electric Pump

If you want to know how to inflate air mattress with electric pump, it should only take you two steps. There are many ways to inflate an air mattress, but using an electric pump should be the most effortless. Therefore, give this article a quick read to teach yourself this essential skill!

Why use an electric pump? An electric pump won’t need intervention from the user, so you save effort and time. It’s also a more controlled way to inflate your air mattress, and you can learn more about its usage below.

how to inflate air mattress with electric pump


How To Inflate An Air Mattress With An Electric Pump


Step #1. Insert the pump

Using an electric pump to inflate an air mattress is relatively quick, and the steps are somewhat similar to how you’ll inflate a mattress even with a manual pump. To start, find your airbed’s valve and open the cap if it has a cover. Then, insert your pump’s nozzle inside and ensure that it’s sealed well.

You may need to put an adapter to your air pump to help it fit snugly with your mattress. Once done, connect your pump to its power source, whether it’s directly via an electrical outlet or a DC power supply using batteries. Since you’re using an electric pump, you’ll only switch it on, and it’ll do the rest for you. 

However, it’s still best to consult the pump’s manual for additional instructions to avoid issues or damage to the machine. You also want to ensure that you are filling your mattress according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, so you don’t stress the seams and encourage leaks. 


Step #2. Screw the cap back

Some manufacturers recommend only inflating their mattresses up to 90%. You can also adjust the amount of air according to your firmness preference. Lesser air creates a softer bed while using more air will make it firmer. 

Once you’ve filled the mattress, put the cap back on the valve to seal the air inside. But how will you deflate your air mattress once you no longer use it? Some pumps have a feature for deflating beds, but you can also use a vacuum cleaner to suction the air out. 


How Does An Electric Air Pump Works?

Depending on the unit you have, it may operate using a diaphragm pump, impeller blades, or even vanes. Compared to a manual air pump, it will use electricity to suck the air in. Finally, this air will then be pushed into your mattress.

Some electric pumps come with automatic switches and pressure gauges. They will be useful because you can have more control over how you want to inflate your mattress. If you have set a specific pressure condition, the pump will automatically turn off. 


What To Consider When Using An Electric Air Pump

You want to ensure that the connection type of your power cord is compatible with your source. It might also be more convenient if it is long enough to make pumping more convenient, especially if you don’t want to transfer the air mattress. And finally, select an air pump that has a reasonable flow rate to do the job quickly. 

Another useful tip to prevent deflation is to pump your mattress several hours before using it to help it adjust. What about over-inflation? It’s best to check your manual, both for the pump and bed, to avoid damaging either product. 

If you overfilled your bed, you risk ripping the seams and cause leaks. What happens is excess air collects in the middle of the mattress. Once the user lies down on the bed, air will move to the sides and cause stress on the seams.


Can You Use A Bike Pump To Inflate An Air Mattress?

You can use a bike pump to inflate your air mattress, but it will be a lot of work compared to using a traditional pump or an electric pump. Remember that bike pumps still create pressured airflow, and using an adapter to attach it to your mattress valve should work successfully. Still, bike pumps have low airflow, and your mattress will take a long time to get filled. 

How do you use a bike pump to inflate an airbed? You want to ensure a good seal between the bike pump and the mattress valve, whether it’s with an adapter or duct tape around the nozzle and the valve. Some users even note that mattresses with one-way valves are more comfortable with inflating with bike pumps.

Once you created a good seal with the nozzle and valve, the rest is self-explanatory. The process can be tedious, but it’s doable. And if you find yourself without any pump, you can still fill your mattress. 


How Do You Inflate An Air Mattress Without A Pump?

If you don’t have an air pump, you can use several household items with a somewhat similar mechanism. A vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower will work, as long as they have an exhaust feature to blow air inside the mattress. However, you must have a good seal with the mattress valve as if you’re using a pump. 



Electric pumps are excellent machines to fill your airbed quickly and effortlessly. And best of all, learning how to inflate air mattress with electric pump is as fast as two steps! Simply have a good seal with the nozzle and valve, turn the pump on, replace the valve cap, and you’re done.